Apple Pencil – Should You Or Shouldn't You?

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It’s being termed as iPad Pro’s secret weapon, but will it really change the way people use tablets?

Carrying a striking resemblance to Adobe’s Digital Pen, many believe that this is the stylus that the late Steve Jobs warned us about. So should you be buying it or not? Read on below.

You Should Because:

  • The Apple Pencil can be used simultaneously with your fingers.
  • Can be used for drawing and writing since it is thinner than any other stylus.
  • It’s smart enough to understand when you want to draw, shade or write depending on how you hold it. Also, you can use it to make notes on your PowerPoint or Word documents.
  • Comes with a lightning connector, which can be connected with an iPad to charge when you are not using it.

You Shouldn’t Because:

  • It costs $99. How can you justify paying that amount on a pencil to your friends and family?
  • You need an iPad to be able to use it, adding to the cost.
  • How about the fact that it needs to be recharged?
  • The late Steve Jobs himself criticized the idea of a smart pen when introducing the iPad. Look at the video below.

Looking forward to its release in Saudi after November 2015.

Apple loyalists we know you’re going gaga over this, but will you buy this when it’s out? Let us know in the comments below.

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