Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Annoying Moments of a Job Hunt You Can Relate To

Annoying Moments of a Job Hunt You Can Relate To

Hunting for a job is not always fun, exciting or a world of opportunities, despite what people may tell you.

It involves a lot of struggles by young talented individuals who are made to feel worthless in this process.

Here are the 6 most common struggles of people who are hunting for jobs experience:

1. When the recruiter rejects your application because of your “lack of experience.”

How on earth are we supposed to get some experience if nobody lets us work in the first place?


2. When you are ignored because you don’t have Wasta.

This word is not new for us. Wasta is Arabic for connections, pull. In short, if you’ve got wasta of a very influential person with good connections and who can get things rolling for you then your life is made easy.

Most people nowadays get jobs because they were referred to someone within the institution for consideration.  It could be said that the wasta system is good only for those who are able to utilize it. For those outside of the system, it can feel very frustrating and unfair.


3. When employers want you to have way more experience than your age.


4. When someone tells you: “I don’t understand why you ended up unemployed with that degree from abroad!”

Well, there is no need to rub salt in the wound.


5. “Maybe you should lower your expectations?”


6. Waiting to hear back.

Outcome 1: Reply after a week: “Thank you for your application. Although your skills and experience are commendable, you have not been short-listed.”

Outcome 2: (silence for the rest of eternity because they’ll never contact you).


In the end, worrying and over thinking until you’re completely overwhelmed won’t help. Remember: “Sometimes certain doors are closed in your face only so that by the sheer force of their closing, others swing wide open”.

Just pray and trust God. Good things are coming. Just keep trying!


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