Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

An Interview with Climbing Pioneer Rawnaa Babnuj

An Interview with Climbing Pioneer Rawnaa Babnuj

There is nothing like the feeling of fresh air as you explore the Kingdom’s enchanting panoramas. From majestic mountains to vast desert-scapes, Saudi has everything for a perfect expedition– a fact that explorer Rawnaa Babnuj knows a thing or two about. She shares her experience and camping wisdom so you can have your great adventure too!

Quickfire Camping Questions:

How did you get into this? (Camping, hiking, traveling, adventuring) I was interested since I was a child; I used to watch a lot of documentaries about outdoor activities and bloggers around the world and that excited me to begin my journey.

What is the first place you ever camped at and with who?
It was in Tanoma with my friend and the climbing community.

913c87ab-2205-4d4a-8acb-1ef397654782-copyWhat was your best adventure, and with who?
I went to Al Baha with my friends not knowing that we needed a 4×4 car to get to the location. We had to stop the car and hike with all of our things to the top of the mountain where we had booked a place to stay for the night. Overcoming that hurdle felt amazing!

Most memorable camping misadventure?
It was one of my camping trips in Tanoma, Asir. The weather was super cold and rainy, and I didn’t bring a raincoat or a waterproof tent. So, unfortunately, my tent was drenched, and everything inside was soaking wet. Always make sure to choose the perfect spot for your tent where rain water doesn’t flow through the camping spot!

cdadb495-7a1e-43ef-804d-6d6e86bc0af3What advice do you have for any inexperienced campers in Saudi?
Be aware of the camping rules so that every campers experience may be gratifying. Always make sure to leave no trace, take your things with you before you go, and take care of nature. Keep reasonable noise levels even during the day, practice your enjoyment without imposing on others. Do not make new fire rings. Just take advantage of the existing ones.

What camp site would you recommend to anyone?
There are many beautiful camping spots in Asir, as well as Al Shafa in the Taif region.

What differentiates camping here from other places?
There are a lot of untouched hidden places that not a lot of people know about.

65e3d7cf-4c1c-44e0-ae9f-bf9940651734Quick Q&A:

Favorite destination?
The Asir region in general.

If you could camp anywhere, where would it be?
One of the islands around Farasan.

Best hike?
There is a waterfall in Abha that we had to hike for 30 minutes to reach, and it was magical.

Best adventure overall?
Cliff jumping in Abha.

What is a camping product you can’t live without?
My reusable cup.

6300ca56-23a9-44c7-b5bc-9cc38d52913eFavorite tent?

Favorite sleeping bag?
Al Rimaya.

Favorite camping activity

Favorite shoes?
Columbia’s Redmond™ V2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots.

What’s your next adventure?
Exploring Hail.

How easy is it to approach random people/fellow campers/locals while camping?
People usually keep to themselves, but it’s so easy!

What’s the best local camping snack?
Barshomi (Prickly pear).


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