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An Eid Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

An Eid Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

By Nouf AlMuhaya

Eid al-Adha is right around the corner, and that means 1) more cash 2) more impulsive trips to the mall, and getting gifts has to be the most dreadful part of birthdays, Eid, and whatever reason you have to celebrate, but what makes it less agonizing is the –slightly cheesy- thought that you’re bound to make someone’s day, but fear not cause Destination is here to the rescue.


Photo Credit: thebee_sa
Photo Credit: thebee_sa

For a light and breezy approach, cash is globally approved to be a cut-to-the-chase Eid gift. We tend to think of consumption going badly or well mainly around price. We get upset with ourselves for spending too much or really fulfilled if we pick up a bargain, I say save yourself the trouble of going back and forth and hand out good ol’ cash and you can still get creative doing it!

For Her


We all enjoy a fashionable piece to flaunt every now and then, and with the world of online shopping varying in options that’ll save you the trouble walking door-to-door, like this simple yet elegant Aldo Slide Sandal you can find at Namshi to get for Mom to enjoy. Or to finish off any look get your sibling Kenzo’s New World Intense Fragrance to lessen the use of your own perfumes.

For Him


When it comes to picking a gift for Dad it’s no tricky business. Maybe give this Da Vinci watch by IWC a try? Or something as simple as this Esteban Biarritz Summer shoe by Berluti.

Gift Cards


For those of us who don’t have a lot of time on their hands yet are just as festive, the most convenient gift you could think of would be Gift Cards. It’s resourceful as it is thoughtful and saves you a bunch of time and effort; varying from Gym Membership gift cards to make our protein junkies happy this Eid, and not to forget about our bookworms to get a gift certificate from Jarir bookstore.

Summer Treats

I can almost hear the foodies clapping in approval, but we’re talking about a different type of treat, now think about Riyadhi heat and what you can do to elevate the torment? Starting from light summer-y fanny packs to waterproof mascaras, who doesn’t like handy heat-defeating fashion statements?

Do It Yourself

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Aside from the sentimental value DIY’S can have, try to retrieve your inner artist by creating the ultimate Eid gift. The choices are endless and very diverse and just as affordable, perhaps getting your siblings a gift to remind them of an inside joke or a memory you made together Eid- inspired.


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