AlUla: Witness the Natural Beauty

AlUla is the place to do just that. This heritage site is filled with preserved historical ruins and artifacts that are both natural as well as human-made, where you can now unlock 200,00 years of history.


AlUla Oasis

If you prefer a slower-paced chance to explore, you can try an 8km-long self-guided Wadi trail. You can stop and browse the various stalls selling arts and crafts made by local women, as well as fresh, local produce. Make sure you book in advance!

6b82e827-593b-4498-8c70-f536e57b81d9Al Gharameel

Al Gharameel is the perfect location to stargaze while standing on the unique rock formations found there. Powerful telescopes and blankets are provided as well as warm refreshments for a luminous experience.

244914428Ashar Valley

A rock art oasis, where a local expert can guide you through a walking tour of the valley, deciphering inscriptions and rock carvings along the way.


Ready for the Old Town Road

Try this Walk Route

  • Dadan to the Old Town
    This 3km walking route connects the two ancient civilizations together and allows you to follow in the footsteps of the Bedouins. The route is very easy on the eyes due to the abundant plant life that surrounds it, giving the path some spectacular scenic and picturesque views. At the midpoint of the path, you’ll arrive at the charming oasis, where you’ll be met with a fragrant mint field and even a cafe in the middle of it. Continuing along the trail will then lead you to the Old Town.

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