Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

All Aboard the MSC Bellissima

All Aboard the MSC Bellissima

Welcome to the floating voyage.

As the MSC Bellissima sets sail through the Red Sea, wandering life arises. The cruise leaves you feeling speechless as you uncover life on deck. The ship houses a selection of bars, cafes, lounges, and restaurants that fit guests’ appetites. As you set foot into the promenade, the immense skydome ceiling shines light through, bringing life to the interiors. The promenade nightlife gives an extravagant experience to cruisers with its parties and concerts under the LED skydome. Hop aboard as we dive deeper inside the ship. Aye-Aye, Captain!

MSC’s Itinerary

Pack your bags, the journey of MSC Bellissima is like no other! Cruise along the fringes of the Red Sea or sail to Egypt and Jordan.

On the crystal blue waters of Saudi
A 3-night cruise on the waters of Saudi, you experience a non-stop cruise ride around the country without yachting too far away from home.

A journey to the Jordanian grounds
The trip to Jordan offers you a 4-night cruise where you enjoy the exceptional services they offer.MSC Bellissima

A cruise to the Pharaoh’s land
Reach the Egyptian land with four nights in MSC Bellissima. It’s a luxurious cruise from the Saudi grounds to Egypt.

Experiencing the aromatic dining on MSC Bellissima
On MSC Bellisima, dining options are on another level. The ship accommodates various restaurants with different cuisines, for you to rotate between whenever you crave change. Each dining spot offers a selection of flavorful international cuisines that please your taste buds in an elegant ambiance. Five adult buffets and a kids-only buffet are offered. Jean-Philippe Maury ushers his creations into the ship by launching his chocolate bar where guests can watch chocolatiers create chocolate masterpieces.

MSC Bellissima
MSC Bellissima

The suite life on deck
Rooms are complimented with ocean view windows, and some of the cabins include balconies with a chill and comfy seating area.

What you’ll find

How to book
Book your ticket through MSC Bellissima’s official website.

Tel: 800 30 2006

MSC Bellissima
MSC Bellissima

High seas and fun sights
Part of the allure of hitting the high seas is the array of entertainment options. MSC offers contemporary afloat entertainment. From a multi-story theatre and comedy shows to bowling alleys, formula simulators, and a Grand Canyon themed aquapark. The ship houses countless entertainment services for the cruisers.

The London theatre
The avant-garde theatre offers live performances of dazzling entertainment with international artist that elevate the cruise experience.

A myriad of luxurious boutiques
The promenade grounds offer afloat shopping experiences with chic boutiques with everything from designer brands and jewelry, to all the tech devices you desire.

A dive into futuristic creation
Chic bars sure are spectacular, but how about a trip to space? The ship created an all-white futuristic MSC starship club that takes you to a whole new world. You are welcomed into a ride to space as you set foot in the bar with a robot waiting to take your order.

A dip with a grand view
A dash of splash, a lounging session by the pool, or a lungful of sea air will refresh you. The MSC Bellissima has an ultramodern pool with a big screen and beautiful lighting beaming at night.

Spoil yourself with onboard pampering
The Balinese Spa gives guests a power-down relaxation and zen time with an exceptional full-body therapy to re-energize cruisers. The MSC Aurea Spa also offers a thermal area, as well as a nail and beauty salon.

An unusual workout routine
Have you ever worked out on a deck? If not, make sure to do so once you’re on the ship! With its long panoramic windows, you would want to squeeze in a workout session in this glorious gym with its Technogym equipment.

It’s a kids world
Every kid’s dream is to enter a world of fun and games. The ship offers unique sports, games, high-tech plays, and parties while socializing and making new friends in the baby, young, and teen clubs.


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