Al Rawabi School For Girls Opens its Doors for a Season 2

Everyone’s favorite school is back!

Following the international success of Al Rawabi School for Girls, which premiered on August 12, 2021, Netflix is excited to announce that the series has been renewed for Season 2.

A first-of-its-kind in the Arab World, Al Rawabi School for Girls explores the challenges that young women face as they navigate high school, capturing the highs and lows of adolescence in a relatable and authentic way. Released in 190 countries and available in over 32 languages, Season 1 of Al Rawabi School for Girls resonated with young adults worldwide, mirroring their lives on screen.

Tima Shomali and Shirin Kamal will return as Creators and Executive Producers in collaboration with writer and executive producer Islam Alshomali. Tima Shomali will direct the show.

The Al Rawabi School for Girls Administration issued a letter to the student body, ahead of the new school year:


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