Al Namas and Tanomah

Photo by @osamaontherun Photo by @osamaontherun

If you’re en route to Al Baha from Abha and want to stretch your legs, a stopover at Al Namas is a must.


Located 120km north of Abha, Al Namas stands 2,500 meters above sea level, giving you gorgeous views of the greenery, mountains, and coastal plains of Tihama. Known for being the most scenic rest area of the Asir region, Al Namas also offers great weather even in the sweltering summer heat of Saudi.

Take a stroll along beautifully landscaped parks and charming hill stations that offer the best feeling of being in the clouds. If you have time for a longer stop, try exploring the historical exhibits at the museums that house the antique, products, and accessories maintained by the local families and tribes.

Photo by @osamaontherun

Photo by @osamaontherun

→  PLACES TO VISIT: Clouds Park, King Abdullah Park, Nasser Mountain Park, Mareer Mountain Park, Prince Sultan Bin Salman Park, A Meger Tourist Village, Tharban Palace, Al-Olayan Palace, and Civilizations Palace. Drive around 30km off Route 15 from Al Namas, and you will each Tanomah, another iconic pit stop that offers relaxation. With its tranquil foggy cover. Tanomah is a picturesque representation of a serene hill station receiving rainfall a most throughout the year. Dip your feet in the cool waters of the waterfalls after a long drive and take in the striking scenery. Sprawling with misty hills. Tanomah is also well known for its lush evergreen forests with acres of juniper pine trees.

Photo by @osamaontherun

Photo by @osamaontherun

With beautiful views and a cool climate that lasts for the most part of the year. Tanomah hits a chord with tourists from around Saudi.

→ PLACES TO VISIT: Alsharaf Park, Mahfar Park, AlArbuah Park, Dar Dahdooh, Dahna Waterfalls, and more.

Photo by @osamaontherun

Photo by @osamaontherun

Al Namas and Tonamah are considered to be the wettest towns in Saudi. The ideal weather makes it one of the select places you’ll find juniper pines thriving all year long.

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