Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Al Fresco Jeddah

Al Fresco Jeddah

Polished like a pearl, Jeddah in winter is Ghair (different); the city welcomes you to be a part of its bright, enchanting cityscape. With its energetic nightlife and cold sea breeze, excellent for an alfresco experience. The city has much to offer, from its cafe culture, shopping experiences, peaceful climate, and outdoor activities.

During Winter: 19 °- 30° C

Ride the waves on a Jet Ski, vroom and splash the water as you accelerate in the red sea; with several jet ski rentals at Obhur North Beach.

Jet Ski Rental
Location: Obhur Al-Shamaliyah
Mob: +966-544703809

3n6a0177If you are in the mood to try something ambitious, try out windsurfing with the professionals at the Super Kite Day, who teach you how to windsurf and guide you to have a pleasant time among the freshness of the sea as the wind blows. Winter is the perfect time to windsurf as you need over 15 knots (wind) throughout the day to surf.

Super Kite Day
Mob: +966-507977603

shutterstock_469988021The winter gust is the perfect time to embark on an equestrian adventure. Visit the beautiful Al Jazeera stables and ride gorgeous horses and mares; the stable has various options for novices and pros.

Al Jazeera Stables
Location: Al-Haramain Rd, – Umm Hablin Dist.
Mob: + 966-555624601

skater1The city is so unique that in winter we head to the beach! As the winter zephyr tussles, your hair cruise by the picturesque Red Sea at  Corniche Road, which offers a walkway for people to stroll, bike, skate rollerblade, and much more, all the while enjoying a magnificent view of the gorgeous sea.

We recommend taking a trip down this enchanting walkway when the sun is setting; the air is more relaxed, and the sky reflects an explosion of pink and purple on the water. It is a sight to see.

Jeddahawis love to crowd the beach during winter; if you are looking for something less congested while not missing out on the fun beach experience, try visiting Jeddah’s astonishingly charming and lively private beaches, where you are guaranteed a luxuriously relaxing time under the sun and plenty of entertainment opportunities.

shutterstock_1134113810DKSA recommends

If you are an art enthusiast who wants to relish local and international art, make sure you visit the stunning art galleries Darat Safeya Binzagr, Athr, and Rochan Gallery, along with Atelier Kondakji.


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