Al Dosrih Fort: Jizan’s Rich History

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Sitting over 150 meters above ground level, this impregnable fortress is one of the last remaining examples of the region’s rich history. It is at times referred to as the Jizan Fort.

The fort dates back to the Ottoman era and was the seat of the governor of the Jizan region. It is rather small in size, covering an area measuring around 900 square meters, thus resembling more of a barracks rather than a fortress. However, again contrary to that opinion it has many rooms that are allocated for housing purposes.

Within the fort some places have been reinforced with iron. These are believed to be later editions, from a time after the Kingdom’s founding and not belonging to the Ottoman era.

Similar to other Turkish forts, The Al Dosrih Fort has four circular towers on all corners. Inside, the fort has a large courtyard that is flanked by an arched stable for horses. A pair of ladders takes one down towards an underground chamber that functioned as a cellar.

The fort is relatively impregnable due its location on one of the higher mountains on the west of Jizan. Its location allows it to overlook the sea to the west and the city below almost simultaneously.

Over the years the fort had fallen into depletion; however, it has recently been restored. The walls now carry white plaster and are reinforced with stucco stone.

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