Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

‘Al Brunch’; Assila Hotel’s New Dining Spot

‘Al Brunch’; Assila Hotel’s New Dining Spot

A brunch so rich at Al Brunch!

By opening their new doors, Assila Hotel has invited us to try out their new spot, Al Brunch’s menu. Assila’s Al Brunch is here to alternate the experience of ‘brunching’. Located at the luxury hotel, Al Brunch celebrated the official launch on the 4th of November! 


Highlighting the essence of ‘brunching’

This meal is always shed light upon for its variety of food being a combination of breakfast and lunch! With a 360 experience at ‘Al Brunch’, we had a leisurely and delicious dining time. 


Brunch for the bunch! 

The luxury collection hotel served dishes of high-end options. We were served with some remarkably styled and deliciously tasted options with their wide selection of different cuisines.


First come, first serve. 

We started our meal with their options of appetizers including their Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, Mohammarah, Salmon Gravlax, Kebbeh, Samosas, and different salad options all giving us hints of Middle Eastern and international flavors. 

We then moved to the main course, giving us touches of every cuisine from seafood, hamburgers, potato Dauphinois, to more!


From sea to table!

The seafood selection was immensely served. Throughout a variety of different fish, you pick your favorite, the chef cooks it up deliciously, and it lands fresh on your table.


Every recipe we tried tasted better than the one before, the pizza and pasta options could be better however, this place is a must-try. 

Destination picks! 

Our favorite dishes we tried were definitely the fresh sea bass and the noodles, both plates were rich in flavors and ticked off our expectations as soon as they landed on our tables.


Where to find it? Head to the second floor of Assila Hotel and stroll to ‘Twenty Four’ restaurant. 

For more, check out Assila’s Instagram  


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