Aiming High – Planning Sharqiya’s Best Events

Aim High is an event planning institution based in Sharqiya. Founded by Lamia Alajaji and Nada Aladel, Aim High is currently run by Arwa Alkhayyal and Danah Garwan.

Aim High is known for their beautifully executed events all over Sharqiya, their events are mostly focused on fashion but with a splash of art and lifestyle. Aim High is committed to raising the standards of exhibitions. To them, quality is the most important thing.

So far, they have organized three successful exhibitions in Sharqiya and marketed two.

1. 2020 Expo

2020 aiming high

2. Layali Al Hejaz


3. Derwaza


4. Purple Expo (marketing)


5. Drzah (marketing)


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