AHLEI and National Restaurant Association Certify Swiss Hospitality Company As its Official Representative in Saudi Arabia

Swiss Hospitality Company signs a strategic agreement with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and the National Restaurant Association (NRA).

With the booming of the tourism and hospitality sector in Saudi Arabia, this signing is to certify Swiss Hospitality Company as both organization’s official representative in the Kingdom.

Mr. Ed Kastli, Vice President at AHLEI, stated “It is with pleasure to have Swiss Hospitality Company representing us in Saudi Arabia. As one of the leading companies in the tourism and hospitality sectors locally, and with great reputation internationally, this signing will help us contribute to the noticeable changes that the Kingdom is initiating. Our interest in signing with leading companies in this sector is what led us to trust that Swiss Hospitality Company will share our educational and training experience in this sector; as they will benefit us with their experiences, education, and consultancy services.”dsc03342-copy

Mr. Salman Gasim, CEO of Swiss Hospitality Company, declared “We are honored to be the official representative of AHLEI due to its academic preeminence in the hospitality and tourism field globally. With AHLEI’s offerings, whether it is hospitality certifications or academic curriculums, and our experience in the hospitality and tourism sector, we will contribute in qualifying local cadres to meet the needs and requirements of the hospitality, entertainment, and tourism sectors according to the highest standards of professionalism that is certified globally.”img_3292-copy

The educational and learning institutes are highly focusing on delivering training and academic programs specialized in the hospitality and tourism field. This is to qualify local cadres to meet the international standards that will accommodate the growing needs for this sector. Saudi Arabia is developing and growing to become one of the favorite touristic destinations by organizing a group of entertainment festivals in different cities around the Kingdom, as well as developing upcoming mega projects that will increase the number of tourists in Saudi Arabia.

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