12 Things You Miss About Riyadh Once You Leave It

Photo Credit: ttcollege.edu.sa

By Mohammed Mirza

When you were in Riyadh, you wanted to leave the city to get a chance to experience everything out there. But once you actually leave it and see life in other cities, you realize that maybe Riyadh had it all but you just didn’t see it.

You know Riyadh intimately and it knows you. And no matter what happens or where you go, your heart is attached to it and you continue to miss the little things you enjoyed there.

1. The Countless Shopping Malls

A weekend is always incomplete without a visit to the mall.


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2. The New Restaurants That Keep Popping Up Everywhere

There is always some new dish to try, a new place to dine, an exotic cuisine to experience.


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3. The Rich Heritage

From the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ad-Diriyah on the outskirts of the city to the National Museum & Masmak Fort, rich heritage is a thing we take pride in – something many modern concrete cities across the country don’t have.


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4. The Mini-Markets

Baqalas as we like to call them are just too convenient. Whether we need a quick snack or grocery for our home, almost everything we want is found in the matchbox-sized shop.

5. The 2 Riyals Store

Also known as Abu Ryalain, these stores are amazingly affordable. They constantly leave us in shock at how all these products are available for just 2 riyals.


Photo Credit: Alriyadh.com

6. The Winter

Summer may be enjoyable to everyone else, but not for those living in Riyadh. It is during winter that we really enjoy hanging out, going on long drives or just walking down the streets.


Photo Credit: alriyadh.com

7. The View From The Kingdom Center

Once atop the skybridge that sits on the 99th floor, the view of Riyadh is truly unforgettable.


Photo Credit: aecom.com

8. The Timings

You love the fact that shops stay open till 12 a.m. and restaurants go even beyond that during weekends.


Photo Credit: saudiwoman.me

9. The City Lights

They gracefully light up the city and never make us feel lonely. Driving down the illuminated Riyadh streets is an experience to be cherished.


Photo Credit: flickr.com

10. Picnics in the desert

The barbecues, bonfires and sports are all part of a picnic in the desert. Watching sunsets in the desert is just surreal.


Photo Credit: nzpounamu.com

11. Midnights

Empty streets and silence are things you long for throughout the day, but can only find after midnight.


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12. The People From All Around The World

Riyadh has broadened your horizons and exposed you to all the different cultures it encompasses. For that, you will be forever grateful.

 No matter where you go, Riyadh will always hold a special place in your heart. After all it is in this big city where you realized who you really are. 


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