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Activities Young Teen Girls Can Enjoy in Jeddah

Activities Young Teen Girls Can Enjoy in Jeddah
I’m a 17 year old girl who has decided to write an article on ‘Things Girls Can Do in Jeddah.’

I created a survey to try and find out what girls like to do here and all I got was “try new restaurants”… Seriously? We don’t ONLY try new restaurants, there is so much more to be done!

1. Movie night with good company and good food

What girls can do is have movie nights with their closest friends and enjoy some good food. Pick the right movie by asking your friends what they would like to watch, for example comedy, horror, romantic, etc…If nothing comes to mind, check out the top 10 US box office movies. Otherwise just go for a Disney or Pixar movie, these always work (Inside Out is epic).

To complete the night you need to order some delicious take out. You can order from Asia Box, Dominos Pizza, etc…There you have it, one satisfying Thursday night! Enjoy.

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2. Bowling

You might guess that there is no place here that lets girls play bowling… but actually there is! IN10SO offers that. You can enjoy your day at IN10SO playing bowling, archery, etc… Everything in in10so is available for girls except for carting. Which we can work around 🙂 In10so is located in Red Sea Mall on the bottom floor and has another branch at Serafi Mall, you can enter from the parking lot or the top floor. Let’s show off some bowling skills.

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3. Art exhibitions

You can check the Destination Jeddah website calendar for the latest events and art exhibitions. If you’re a student, you can add your hours in the art exhibition for CAS (depends on your school). CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service. It is a mandatory core component of the IB Diploma Program. In JKS, we have to complete 150 hours of CAS.

Photo Credit: | Noor Bahjat
Photo Credit: | Noor Bahjat

4. Beaches & Sun!

Private beach or a public beach, grab your tanning oil and towels, plug in your speakers and soak up the sun. Really who wouldn’t want a nice tan and a refreshing dip the ocean? You can always tan and swim in your pool with some close friends too. Also, why not make it more enjoyable by having a BBQ. Prepare ahead some meat, corn and chicken and you’re ready for grilling. Oh the aroma of barbecued food along with good music and great company will definitely make you happy.

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5. Pamper yourself.

This is my go to thing when I’m bored. You can go to a salon or do it at home, any way you like as long as you pamper yourself to feel fresher than ever! If you wanna create your own at home pamper session, grab your bag and head to Lush, Sephora, Boots (or your favorite cosmetics place) and get your preferred bath bomb from Lush and your top favorite mask from Sephora then head home! Start a hot bath and throw in your bath bomb and appreciate a long soothing session. If you feel it’s too much of a hassle, head to your most-liked salon and cut/paint your nails so they look wonderful and healthy! Spas you can go to include Toni & Guy on Tahlia, Oriana Salon and Spa on Al Andalus or Jacque Dessange on Rawdah.


6. Food!

Pass by all of the closest food places and buy one dish from each place and have a taste test! Cookies from Helens, ice cream from Marble Slab, sushi from Sushi Yushi. You are obviously not going on this trip alone, your partner in this calorie fest should definitely be your best friend.

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7. Paintball

Paintball is one of the most entertaining and exciting games to play with a bunch of people! But if you’re a person that gets bruised easily or has sensitive skin then I don’t recommend this game for you. Paintball shows how you work under pressure while having paintball guns pointed at you! And to play you will need the most energy to handle all the running and actions. Make your reservation by calling Saudi PaintBall:

Tel: +966 56 898 8547
Location: Al Kayyal, Al-Rawdah

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8. Zumba class!

Whats more fun than letting loose with close friends trying to follow dance moves, while burning calories. You will definitely laugh at each other after the class. Try and go to this class after you have done your dining tour, burn off all you’ve ate as you have a great time.


  • Basatin compound, Instructor Dima Ghazal
  • All Star Studio, Prince Sultan Street, Instructor Sahr Ahmed
  • Curves, Al Malek Road, Instructor Amani Almaghdawi
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