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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Why We Absolutely Love Thursdays

Why We Absolutely Love Thursdays
The sun is shining bright, the birds are chirping joyfully and everyone seems to be happy….must be Thursday! We all love Thursdays and we have taken it upon ourselves to gather some of the reasons behind those strong sentiments.  *hugs Thursday*

1- It’s the day before the weekend…so no wonder we care deeply for it! Duhh…


2- You are excited to go to work because you want to do something productive before you go into weekend chill mode.

3- Most office parties take place on Thursdays; birthdays, fun workshops, lunches,etc.

4- Everyone seems to be a lot nicer and a lot happier. We really don’t know why, but we are attributing it back to Thursday.


5- The options for what you can do after work are endless! Going to the beach, feeding your belly at restaurants or going back home for a weekend hibernation… endless we tell you!

6- Diet cheat days are usually on a Thursday. Don’t say no to pizza and donuts, people; because people don’t want to go back home and cook, they just want to enjoy their time, eating out.


7- Thursday is perfect for a road trip. Just have everything ready and hit the road immediately after work. Maybe go to the barr (desert) with some (dessert) if you want.

8- A lot of stores have weekend special offers. Your wallet/purse will be happy.

9- You can have movie marathons on Thursday because you don’t have to worry about waking up early in the morning.


10- No one can use the “I have work tomorrow” excuse.

Comment below and tell us why you guys love Thursday.


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