A Trip Down AlUla’s Spices and Cuisine

Winter in Tantora’s ‘Flavors of AlUla’ is displaying and highlighting the secret within its local and regional cuisine. 

Hosted by Winter at Tantora, this is a once-in-a-lifetime unique and immersive culinary experience where you will be immersed with celebrity chefs, the immersive sensory journeys, and fun with the family from the 29th of December to the 14th of January. Do not skip the remarkable fact that high-profile chefs will be part of this exciting event so make sure not to miss out on the masterclasses they will be undergoing. 

Where are all the food lovers at? Flavors of AlUla is the definition of fun and is one for the books as we get to celebrate the history of food, flavors, and art. The event will highlight traditional local and regional cuisine and ingredients used to create the perfect dish in AlUla; your experience will be enlightened with experiential masterclasses hosted by chefs, food stalls, and enticing activations. As we know, AlUla is incredibly rich in produce. If you have not done your research on all its products, you will learn a lot about each in the festival as they will be displayed at stalls along with other Arabic spices, bubble tea, organic bowls, veggie rolls, and Asian-inspired dumplings.

A look into their workshops. Alongside different chefs and food bloggers, you will immerse yourself in educating yourself with all the new skills through their astonishing workshops including sushi rolling, edible pottery, fruit decoration, cooking in the sand, and the ‘Benefits of Moringa’ sessions where all dishes are hosted with locally organic superfood ingredients. If you did not know, Moringa is a plant that is packed with iron, calcium and antioxidants. Other masterclasses include ‘kitchen hack’ sessions. 

The Chefs and their Masterclasses. The masterclasses will feature well known chefs in their element as they create an energy at the live-cooking chef show along with a workshop on food as a visual art on. Chefs include the co-founder of Kayu and Calla, Kairm Bourgi who will also be animating the mystery box competition. 

What other chefs will you meet and greet? Omar Alwatban, Areej AlShareef, Samira Sadiq, Ghofran Al Rumaihi and Arwa Ali will also be there to apply their input on the table.

Your very own list to activities: 

  • Black Box experience which is a blindfold test sure to challenge perceptions of food, and a tour of mystery boxes which will put the sense of smell to the test.
  • A legacy tree will be offering visitors the chance to trade their international, local, and special family secret recipes with other visitors.

Do not worry about your children! Allow your kids to unleash their cooking skills. Being family friendly, this festival will be home to all ages as your children will definitely be entertained at the recreational centres dedicated to kids and their wants including a lesson on the art of dried fruit decoration and a selection of edible games like edible tic tac toe and checkers. 

Here is a list of workshops and games your kids will enjoy: 

  • Smiley Sandwiches
  • Cookie Monsters
  • Hero Sauces
  • Edible tic tac toe
  • Checkers

“What time should I be there?” Book your spot all the way from 4 PM to midnight!

Winter at Tantora’s ‘Flavours of AlUla’ will be ongoing from the 29th of December to the 14th of January. Entrance is free however, you can get your voucher for certain activities in stalls at the location. 

For more, make sure to check out Experience AlUla’s instagram and AlUla moments’ instagram 



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