A Taste of La Brasserie Terrace & Cafe

Into the outdoor aura and delicious dishes we go.

This week, we were welcomed by a terrace with a view and ambiance of a lifetime, and let us tell you about our delightful experience at Al Faisaliah Hotel’s La Brasserie Terrace and Cafe. With the beautiful chilly Riyadh weather and La Brasserie’s terrace, we enjoyed a combination of two of our favorite things! 


Let’s talk interior. As soon as you enter the space, a flood of luxury overflows as you look around seeing glimpses of everything from their dimmed lights to the live cooking stations, leaving you with a sense of excitement for what you are about to experience. What about the exterior? That is something entirely different, entering the Terrace was uplifting and energy-boosting with the trees and hung lights; overall very aesthetically pleasing.

La Brasserie’s Gastronomic Delights. What to order? We are here to be your guide to that. Walk along as we list down the dishes that we have tried.

With the cold weather, we needed to start our experience with a bowl that would set the right mood, Tomato Soup. As we poured the soup into the bowl, we could not help but feel the cold wash away.

We then moved to our personal favorite dish, Sushi! We tried the Prawn Nigiri, and Salmon Nigiri, along with some of their Uramaki options. We always have a soft spot for sushi.

We are always on a mission to find the most perfect burger. The flavor-loaded Wagyu and Truffle Burger was the ultimate cheat meal for the night. The intensely satisfying taste of Truffle was remarkable. Hosted by burger was a basket of fries that was also spot-on, with a little crunch but still very soft, the way we like it.

You know what they say in Italy, MAMA MIA! After the burger, we moved on to the Cacio E Pepe Spaghetti which definitely hit the spot and filled our creamy craving.

With this experience, we definitely got a taste of different cuisines including Italian, Japanese, and more. The sun set on us as we enjoyed every taste in the open air. We will be back soon and so should you!

For more, check out La Brasserie’s instagram 


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