Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

A Taste of Culture, Art and Fashion at Sheraton’s Iftar and Mini-Bazaar

A Taste of Culture, Art and Fashion at Sheraton’s Iftar and Mini-Bazaar
Ramadan nights in Riyadh are always a glee, whether you’re spending it with family or being out and about with your friends. More so, when you get to catch up with the wonderful entrepreneurs setting up shop this season in various bazaars and events around town.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Florence Hughes, director and founder of Saudi Arts and Crafts. She graciously invited us to try the iftar at Sheraton and also check out the awesome mini-bazaar they had set up in the hotel. It was a nice addition to the Ramadan evening Sheraton has planned out for guests.

I personally fell in love with the pottery of Saudi Arts and Crafts—some of them in neutral tones (I approve!), with just the right touch of arabesque designs and khaleeji accents. There’s also more intricately designed candles with amber and oriental scents that truly give the spirit of the season as well.

There’s also an Arabic pop art stall by Saudi-based French artist, Frederique Ohnmacht-Lenormand. The marriage of tradition and contemporary design results in art pieces that give a sense of identity with some edgy playfulness. We can imagine them adding that extra oomph to a living space.

Another pop up we gravitated towards is MIYAH, a jewelry and accessory business. The colorful bracelets and bangles truly give the summer vibe and are imported all the way from Bali. There are also some interesting vibrant clutches made from authentic python leather.

The Ramadan iftar itself was a charm and a good option for people who want a bit of alfresco style seating (it’s still indoors, you will not melt) but the illusion of daylight coming in, gives it a different ambience from the others we’ve experienced. There are live cooking stations and the buffet of mains is quite delicious. I personally recommend the sushi, the shawarma and the meat selections.

With that said, this is definitely a good choice for spending one of your Ramadan nights. We suggest visiting before the month ends so you can get a chance to visit the mini-bazaar and get to shop for unique Eid presents away from the crowds.

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Saudi Arts and Crafts
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: Saudiartsandcrafts
Store Location: Ishbilia Compound

Arabic Pop Art
Whatsapp: +966 56 712 4613
Facebook: FOLArabicPopArt



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