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By Jou Pabalate

The Story of Pizza Champ, Maestro

A Saudi pizza is bravely taking Riyadh by storm and we had to give them a call and ask, what’s your secret sauce, Maestro?


Maestro is a champ that managed to win our ultimate super cheese supreme showdown. Oh and rumor has it that they’re giving competitors a run for their money (enough so that some of them ended up changing their prices). We no complain. Mo’ Pizza. Mo’ Fun.


We got all curious and decided to have a lengthier sit down with the masters behind Maestro and while we didn’t get their secret recipe, we did get some meaty details that make them the Saudi Pizza brand to beat.


Behind the brand is Khalid Al Omran, a Saudi entrepreneur who believes that nothing is impossible when there is will.


While having a good foundation in business was an advantage, Al Omran believes that the success of Maestro is because of his team:


“A combination of a smart and hardworking team can turn tables in any field of business. The way we manage the brand reflects the culture we have. You can’t present your business in one way (fun, hip and friendly) and run it the other.”


Maestro started in November 2013, when they opened their first store in Ghornatah, with less than 10 people as its core team. In little over a year’s time, they have been able to put up 36 stores across Riyadh, with plans to expand Kingdom-wide and eventually, throughout the Middle East.


The growing market demand for brands that offer affordable quality is becoming a great attraction for many businesses. We think of pizza as an excellent platform to bring people together to share memorable times, with our full commitment to always providing the best and tastiest meals,” said Saleh Lzeik, Marketing Manager who has been with Maestro since day zero.


One of the cool things about Maestro is their flavors. They’ve come up with a roster that appeals to Riyadhis.


So how does Maestro know the taste buds of Saudis?

“Simple. We are Saudi and we know what Saudis like. We listen very closely to what people tell us through all channels. We value and appreciate any idea, opinion or thought – we make sure we turn those into actions and meet people’s needs. We have mystery diners, tasting panels and the whole quality assurance processes that makes sure the products are up to standard, and most importantly, consistent,” said Al Omran.


The Destination Riyadh team is quite a difficult bunch to impress when it comes to food. But, we don’t short change on praise when praise is due. Riyadh’s fast food industry has been dominated by international franchises for so long, hence, we welcome brands who buy local, supports the community and are able to be the people’s food champs any given day.

Web: maestropizza.com
Instagram: maestropizzaksa

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