A Scrumptious Feast Any Day with 1st Wing

Throwing a big get-together but don’t have time to prepare anything? 

That’s when caterers are a Godsend. If you want good food combined with eye-catching serveware, contact “1st Wing”, a multi-cuisine eatery, which also serves some of the best Arabian food.

(cue the ululation chorus when they arrive at your doorstep).

1st wing is an International Catering service in Riyadh with outstanding service, bringing you Indian themed serving pots with a big variety of exquisite dishes to choose from. The company prides themselves in creating beautifully assembled table arrangements with top quality meals from all over the world.

From fried shrimps to traditional Moussaka, Roasted Chicken to beef in mushroom sauce -everything has been put up on the menu keeping in mind the food lovers’ taste buds.  There’s also a good serving of creamy pasta Alfredo interestingly side by side vegetable biryani.

The Vibe
The excitement they brought with them right when we at work were having a slack hour was remarkable. The table set-up made our office look like that of a five-star restaurant. 

The Food
A light meal this ain’t. They bring you a hefty, sit-in-your-stomach-for-a-reasonably-long-period-of-time meal. We absolutely loved the fried shrimps, beef and mousakka.

They brought us appetizers along with salad as well. The food salad presentation was so gratifying, exactly what we needed to be eating after a hearty meal. When it comes to buffets, we often are doubtful as to whether the food will be properly seasoned. Usually it ends up bland or the taste uneven. When it came to 1st Wing, we’re glad to report that they did not disappoint in that department. The food was well-seasoned and the flavors were well-balanced. 

A hearty meal and one of our new favorites.

So what are you waiting for? Book this top-notch caterers for your Eid gathering.

Contact details:

Instagram: @Aljna7_al2wal @ricewaspice


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