A First Timer’s Guide To Madinah

Calm, peace and tranquility.

Al Masjid Al Nabawi

  • Ziyara, visit, to the resting place of The Prophet PBUH and praying in Riad Al Jannah, breathes a sense of closeness with the best of mankind. Bear in mind, women have specific visiting times, these include after Fajr, after Zuhr, etc.

  • The Haram’s basement has a spacious parking lot, offering reasonable rates.69962998

  • Foods are strictly prohibited, barring dates.

  • There is a public library inside the mosque, on the western side of the terrace, which has a wide range of Islamic book collections.


  • Understand the role of Madinah in Islamic history and its heritage at Dar Al Madinah.

    Dar Al Madinah.

    Dar Al Madinah.

  • Revisit one of the most significant battlefields in Islamic history at Mount Uhud.

    Mount Uhud.

    Mount Uhud.

  • Pray two raka’as -units of prayer- at Masjid Quba, the rewards are equivalent to that of an umrah with Prophet Mohammed PBUH.


    Masjid Quba.

  • Get to know Saudi Arabia and its rich history better at the Hejaz Railway Museum.

    Hejaz Railway Museum.

    Hejaz Railway Museum.

  • Watch your car move upward with its ignition turned off at Wadi Al Baidah, thanks to optical illusion.

  • Pay your respects at the Baqi Cemetery where many companions and family members of the prophet are buried.

  • Visit the Beautiful Names of Allah Exhibition and understand the meanings behind each and their significance. Right next to it, is the impressive Exhibition of Mohammed PBUH gallery, which highlights the daily life of the Prophet; both are located on the western side of the Haram.

    Baqi Cemetery.

    Baqi Cemetery.


  • Most hotels come with complimentary breakfasts; however lunch and dinner at the same hotel can be pricey.

  • For less costly food, visit the hotels’ ground floor restaurants; their entrance is from the main road.

  • You can order food to your hotel through numerous websites and apps; Hunger Station, Hellofood and Talabat all have a strong presence in the city.


  • Madinah is famous for its herbs; some have been mentioned in ahadith, reports on the sunnan, traditions of The Prophet, and can be found at shops near the Haram.

  • The city is an oasis famous for its dates; they are a must-buy. If you are looking for somewhere close to the Haram to buy dates, then visit the market around the Bilal Mosque. Madinah’s ajwa dates are extremely popular amongst pilgrims and visitors.56962588

  • Madinah’s mint produce is renowned for its flavor and smell across Saudi. You’ll find most of them being sold by roadside vendors on the outskirts of Madinah, on the highway to Jeddah.


  • Accommodation is everywhere; there are lines after lines of hotels surrounding the mosque.

  • Most of them are local hotel chains and do not fall not short, in terms of quality or service when compared to their international counterparts.

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