A Decade of Decadence Criollo Café

You walk into Criollo and are greeted by the sight of a giant doughy cookie lying incognito under a melting ball of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with thick chocolate syrup and sprinkled generously with roughly chopped nuts.

You find yourself staring helplessly, tracing the plate with your eyes as the waiter delivers it to a diner. The satisfying smell of warm cookies mixed with the distinct aroma of roasted coffee in the air stirs up instinctual cravings. You’re instantly hooked – after all, the eye eats before the mouth.3w7a8305-copy

The menu is loaded with scrumptious options. You wonder to yourself if you should indulge in their spongy milk cake served with crunchy biscuits and caramelized popcorn, or perhaps go for their delightful strawberry and berry waffle. Finally, you decide to dive straight into their chocolate fudge cake, filled with ganache ready to slowly ooze out before you and onto the plate as you cut into it. The vanilla ice cream atop that chocolatey mountain is an added bonus, creating a tantalizing burst of hot and cold all in one bite.3w7a8227-copy

Criollo celebrates their ninth anniversary this year, along with the re-opening of their newly refurbished branch at the Red Sea Mall in Jeddah. They have three other branches at Aziz Mall, Al Salam Mall, and Obhur, where you can most certainly go and enjoy the chocolate galore.

Reward yourself today with Criollo. You’ve earned it.

Web: criollocafe.com
Instagram: criollocafe

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