A Caliente Story: Chef Abdulrahman Enani

Chef Abdulrahman studied hospitality management but it a firm believer in working from the bottom to the top.

“I knew I wanted to cook. It’s not about studying; it’s about starting from the bottom – I worked as a dishwasher and sometimes even for free helping out in He then decided to move to professionally at a restaurant his learning and experience.”

The chef says that he has always been surrounded by good food and that his inclination their creations impacted him on a deeper level. “I grew up eating delicious food; my mom appreciate food more.”

Chef Abdulrahman always knew he wanted to be a chef. Still, telling his parents it was the career he wanted to pursue was initially challenging, “Five to six years ago, it wasn’t a great idea to say to your parents that you wanted to become a chef, there was a bit of shame associated with it. So I kept quiet about it for a while, but when i decided, I knew that this was the path for me.”

Now owner and chef at the Caliente food truck Chef Abdulrahman is bringing his unique knowledge of Latin cuisine to Jeddah city “Firstly I would like to say that it’s not really about the food truck, It’s more about me and the food I want to be very interactive with people like face to face, I want to teach them about food, and not to be afraid to try new things. I want to expose them to good food to make them try things that they wouldn’t usually try.”

Latin food is not just tacos, the Chef emphasizes sternly, “People just think its Tacos, and it’s not at my food truck. I dishes normally, give them a try and tell me that they loved the flavors and that’s what excites me about food.”

He advises the youth that wants to take up culinary arts to pursue it becasue they want to and not just because it’s trendy. “It’s all about starting from the bottom, the real culinary world is tough, but for me, it’s worth it.”

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