9 Reasons Why Having A Sibling Is One Of Life's Biggest Gifts

Photo Credit: everydaylife.globalpost.com

By Hurreia Balouch

Having a sibling is a blessing; however, while growing up they may seem like our worst enemies. They borrow our clothes without asking, tattle on us to our parents and have to HAVE the same toys that we JUST got! But overtime we develop an everlasting bond with our siblings; the memories that we shared while growing up bring us closer.

While they still manage to annoy us, there is no way we can ever imagine not having them in our lives or would ever even want to imagine that. Here are 9 reasons why having a sibling is one of life’s greatest gift.

1. The fact that we can count on them for covering up for us. (that time you broke the vase, but they just said “I don’t know how that happened.”)

2. Because they give us the best advice EVER! (What happened to your face? Never EVER use that blush again!)


3. Plus, they are brutally honest with our outfit choices. (Are you going out like that?!?)


4. We couldn’t have asked for better partners in crime.( You hide the body!)


5. And if anything goes wrong we can simply put the blame on them. (Wasn’t me, it was sis/bro)


6. When you need to a pick a fight to let go of that anger, you’d rather pick on your sibling, cause you know that the two of you will always get over it afterwards. (That’s my spot!)


7. Younger or older they are overprotective! (Mess with my sis/bro and you will have to face me!)


8. Overtime we end up realizing that they will be by our side for our entire lives. (It’s been 20 years and you are still in my spot!)


9. And they will be the coolest aunt or uncle your children or future children will ever have. (Yes, you can have ice cream for breakfast.)



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