8 Things To Do When You’re Done With The Final Exams

Inhale the sweet scent of freedom! You did it, you really did it!

We all know that feeling when you have been cooped up for weeks, desperately cramming for those final exams. Now it’s time to reward yourself for all your hard work

We’ve got some awesome ideas for the end of exams.

Have a formal end-of-exams celebration ceremony


You can finally sleep in peace
Hooray, sleep! You can now sleep all you want. But make sure you don’t miss your obligatory prayers 🙂


Reclaim your personal space
It’s time to clean the clutter around and clean and rearrange your wardrobe. After all that careless dumping of junk and piles of clothes everywhere, your bedroom needs a bit of a shake-up and makeover


Remind yourself what you look like when you don't have your panic-face on
In short, get your style game on. Get dressed nicely and make yourself presentable.


Spend more quality time with family.
Because they matter more than anything else.


Catch-up with friends


Join Summer Courses
Yeah, we know it’s your time to enjoy the break. But this might be helpful to prepare for the next semester and prepare before hand.


Bag some work experience by doing part time
This can be fun! Also, it helps you brush up your working skills and build your CV.


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