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8 Reasons Not To Shave Your Beard And Grow it Instead

8 Reasons Not To Shave Your Beard And Grow it Instead

With the stubble becoming the norm and more people shying away from the clean shaven look – it appears that beards are back in business, for reasons beyond looking macho.

Whatever your reason may be for sporting a beard, whether it’s because of the current trend, religious purposes or simply for a change, make sure you continue to sport it as surprisingly it is very beneficial and here’s reasons not to shave your Beard:

1. Protects Against Allergens

Pollutants, dust particles and mites get ensnared and are kept out of the airway, leading to a reduction of allergies and prevention of asthma.

2. Helps Skin Be Youthful

In most cases the sun is to blame for visible signs of aging. As per a study done by the University of Southern Queensland, bearded faces block up to 95% of the sun’s UV radiation. You know what that means right, no wrinkles! May be even aging like a Hollywood star?

3. Keeps Your Skin Blemish-Free

Razor rash, ingrown hairs and acne are known to cause multiple blemishes on your skin. By letting your beard grow, chances are that you have pretty much restricted the blemishes and rashes on your facial skin. You will also end up avoiding those painful cuts while shaving beard.

4. Preserves Your Body Heat

fourth reasons not to shave your beard, If you are one of those who have witnessed the recent bone-chilling winter in the country, you know how useful this can be.

5. Consider The Amount Of Money You’ll Save

Shaving lotions, aftershaves and razors don’t come cheap. Depending on when you start shaving in your life and the brands you use, the amount will run up to tens of thousands of Riyals.

6. And The Time As Well

We know shaving is a time consuming act. So if you shave daily for 55 years, the total amounts to a staggering 139 days. Plus, shaving is boring and tedious, it’s not like you’re spending the grand total of 139 days doing an something you love.

7. Stopped Shaving Maintains Moisture In Skin

Exposed pores can cause your skin to lose moisture and turn flaky, especially during peak summer or winter.

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8. And If None Of The Reasons Above Convince You

Then Sport It Just Because It Looks Good

After knowing reasons not to shave your beard. Need we say more? Time to say goodbye to shaving dude.


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