7 Tips to Ace the Finals

By Mohammed Alsalem
Brace yourselves, finals are coming. 

Fortunately though, Destination is here to help! And we will make sure you survive these couple of weeks. Just follow our tips:

1. Create a Schedule


Your study strategy should have a schedule and a to-do list. Be realistic in giving each subject the appropriate time and make sure to have some time for yourself. Try to break huge topics into smaller study units. This will help you track your progress and not feel overwhelmed.

2. Get Enough Sleep


Tired brains are not very efficient in grasping information, nor recalling it. Following a reasonable sleep schedule is key to optimum function. It will also make you more focused during exam time.

3. Stay Active


No need for full workout sessions, all you need to do is simple periodic exercises to boost blood flow to the brain. Try some office exercises.

4. Eat Healthy


With the stress of the finals, it’s tempting to consume whatever is convenient to you. However, the sugar rush of processed carbohydrates is transient, and will leave you exhausted in no time. Instead, go for foods that are digested slowly: whole grains, fresh vegetables, and proteins. Almonds, walnuts, or yogurt can also serve as quick, healthy snacks.

5. Reward Yourself


After finishing a task, reward yourself with something you enjoy. Check your favorite social media platform for example. Be aware however of the “just one more” syndrome. As we know too well, a one-minute YouTube video can lead to three hours of watching hilarious cat videos.

6. Study Smart


Remember, quality over quantity. The content of your studying is more important than how much you finish. To know what topics to focus on, have a discussion with your class mates, review your notes, or meet with your professor/teacher if you can.

7. Make Time for Revision


Revision time is vital. It increases your confidence of the studied material, and reduces anxiety. You can go over your weak areas and strengthen them, revise confusing numbers, and refresh memorized information.

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