7 Things Saudi Born College-Bound Students Should Keep In Mind

By Alishba Balouch

When I first left Saudi Arabia, it was my first time traveling alone to a country where I knew NO ONE. I felt like a pup sloth trying to figure out life.

It was one of the most exhilarating moments in my life. I could taste independence in the air and my transition into adulthood was just beginning. It was all worn down only after the first week when homesickness kicked in. Luckily, food was there to comfort.

1. Food Is A Temporary Consolation

It is there to comfort you till you gain 15 kg’s and cannot even run a mile. Freshmen15 is NOT a myth. Join clubs, they help keep your mind off sad things like food and your mom of course!

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2.  Practice Small Conversations

Practice some conversation starters, you will be repeating that a hundred times during orientation week. I was so overwhelmed that I started to sweat profusely. Yep.

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3. Don’t pack EVERYTHING

Pack according to season, remember that you will be coming back home after 6 months.

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4.  You’re Not Weird If You Don’t Drink

Drinking is prohibited in Islam, so drinking just to fit in is NOT a valid excuse. Don’t let peer pressure get to you. It’s sad that self-control is so rare. You can still have fun, even if you’re not drunk!

5. Your Friend’s Circle Will Change

You don’t have to be best friends with everyone because not everyone is worth being in your life. Enough Said.

6. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Being an adult means taking responsibility. If you don’t do well on your exam, don’t blame your professor.

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7.  Learn The Value Of Money!

The money that your parents are paying for your education is hard earned. Understand it, respect it and thank them for it! Make a budget and control your expenses.

My final advice is to acknowledge not many people are fortunate to go to college, so make the most of it.

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