6 Types Of People You Don't Want To Cross Paths With In Ramadan

By Sohila El Saadany

One of the major requirements of Ramadan is to be patient and not lose your temper despite the setbacks you may face throughout the day.

However, that is not always easy, especially if you cross paths with the people mentioned here! (And without your daily dosage of caffeine)

1. The Angry Driver

There are two types of angry drivers; those who get mad at others’ insolence and their disrespect of traffic laws, and those who break the traffic rules and make the first type of drivers mad. Either way, those drivers are cursing at people or being cursed at; something that is definitely against the Ramadan spirit. Even if you are not the one in the driver’s seat, try your best to remain calm, not to panic and not to get sucked into the whirlpool of road rage.

Photo Credit: imgflip.com

Photo Credit: imgflip.com

2. The Complainer

This person acts like he/she is the only one fasting. You always hear the same complaints every year; “It’s hot”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m thirsty”, “I am so tired,” or “ When’s maghrib?!?” Come on! We get it already. If you are complaining during the modern times where you have air conditioners and cars, what do you think people did back in the day without any of these luxuries? Stay away from those people because they will lure you into the vortex of anger, get on your nerves and mess up your good deeds.

Photo Credit: coachespanel.au

Photo Credit: coachespanel.com.au

3. The Vexing Relative

This relative is family; you love him/her, of course. It’s just that you are not ready to mingle with them in Ramadan. They make you impatient with their unfunny jokes and their extra budding in your personal life with comments like, “You have lost so much weight,” “When will you get married already?” “Back in my day I (insert accomplishment).”
How do you get through that? Well, you remind yourself that you love them and then sit there, smile and take the hit.

Photo Credit: pbs.twimg.com

Photo Credit: pbs.twimg.com

4. Inquisitive Children

Kids can be cute, but then again they can be annoying. Since not a lot of children fast during Ramadan, they maintain their energy levels through out the day. Aside from all the hyperactivity, you will get a lot of questions, ones that aren’t related to Ramadan whatsoever. “Why is the sky blue?” “Why are you wearing this?” “Why isn’t my iPad working?” Normally, you would indulge them and answer their questions.

During Ramadan, however, you might not be in the mood for all those questions. You don’t have the energy to explain or put up with their constant curiosity. Cheerfully ask them to save all the inquisitions to after iftar, when you will be more open to answering such surreal queries.

Photo Credit: alltheragefaces.com

Photo Credit: alltheragefaces.com

5. Naggers

Let’s face it; naggers are people you never want to deal with at any time. So in Ramadan, the urge to avoid them is even greater. They want you to file this, write that or email those and they just won’t stop reminding you! They will definitely get on your nerves and might make you go ballistic from their constant pecking. Try to stay calm and run, run away.

Photo Credit: 20minutos.es

Photo Credit: 20minutos.es

6. Critics

These are the people who always comment on the things you do, sometimes a little too much. Try not to let them push you overboard with their constant tweaking of your work, manners or demeanor. Don’t lose your temper, and turn the other cheek.

Met any other people who are making Ramadan a little hard for you? Vent out and tell us about them.

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