6 Things We Loved at Layal AlMeshraq

Layali AlMeshraq is a charity event held by Al-Nahda women’s empowerment charitable society along with TopEx and Ma’ak organizations.

Layali AlMeshraq is a Saudi heritage festival that took place in Murabba Palace, an old mud brick palace at King Abdulaziz historical center.

The event had a contemporary theme which was a blend of folklore and art. The three night event had a different theme divided into multiple concepts. We liked the live presentation of traditional crafts by Saudi women like embroidery and pottery. It also exhibited a valuable collection of jewellery and belongings of the King Abdulaziz family. Here are our favorite highlights:

1. The Typography boxes by the artist


This wonderful art was done by Zaman AlJasim, who had gorgeously illustrated typography on the boxes.

2. Oud Music

This Wowed us!

3. Needlework Embroidery


4. Saudi Made Arabic Coffee by @haifcoffee


5. This jewellery booth looked fab! 


6. And there were a lot of other creative talents that were outstanding!

And let’s not forget that it was a charity event so that adds up a bonus!

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