6 Awkward Weather Moments in Saudi

By Zahra Anwer

There are two types of people in Saudi: those who genuinely love rain, and those who absolutely dread it!

For those who cannot stand the heavenly showers, here are 6 things you will relate to:

1. Stepping in a puddle

Even after avoiding the puddle by gathering your abaya and performing a perfect long jump technique, you step in the puddle. And, chances are that it will be way deeper than it looked.

2. Those freakin’ drivers whooshing past.

Just when you roll the window down to enjoy the rain, a car speeds past you and the muddy water is splashed inside. Ugh! Just great!


3. Rain falls downwards. Hair reaches upwards.

The horrible case of frizzy hair


4. Poor signal reception.

The moment the weather goes bad or rain starts falling, the TV signal is disrupted, the 3G speed gets slow and so is the Wi-Fi at home.


5. Only schools are shut due to rains.

We all know that the Ministry of Education has introduced a new rule for the classes to be suspended when ever it rains. While the students and teachers both rejoice, the rest of the miskeen workers, still have to get out on the water-logged streets and go to work.


6. It can flood.

It’s serious, it’s dangerous and pretty chaotic. May Allah protect everyone.


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