6 Awesome Designs from Papermoon

Recently, one of the Kingdom’s most loved gift-wrapping companies, Papermoon, hosted a design competition where participants were invited to send in their designs for specific categories. Here are the winning designs of the six chosen winners. Head to your closest Papermoon today to get your hands on one of these!

Hend Saleh


Instagram: @hendasems

Website: Hendasems

The inspiration behind this design came from a previous Arabic Typography project I designed, featuring Arabic letters wrapped around everyday objects. Because Papermoon is a gift wrapping company, I decided to apply the interaction between the type and its surroundings which, in this case, is the flowers. (camperlife) Also, weddings are all about bonding souls together in harmony and eternal love so I wanted to reflect that in my design. Finally, reflecting how two in love complement one another, I went with purple and mint green as the complementing prominent colors of the card.

Nour Bashiti

Screen Shot 1437-10-23 at 1

Instagram: Nour Bashiti

Website: noorbashit733e

I wanted to design a card that made a birthday girl feel like a princess, as well as creating a design that reflected local culture. To combine the old and the new, simplicity and complexity. I also thought it would be fun to write the birthday wish in colloquial Egyptian Arabic. So it was only appropriate to model the design of the tiara in the illustration after the Egyptian Queen Nazli’s 1938 Van Cleef & Arpels Tiara.

Aalaa AlRefaei

Instagram: Shrimp.toast

My inspiration is from my childhood at elementary school where Troll Dolls were a must have. We did wonders to their fuzzy hair and it kept us entertained for ages. The bare-ness of this troll represents the purity of a child once they are born. As for the rainbow fuzzy hair in my illustration, it represents the colors and joy that a newborn brings into the worlds of their loved ones as well as unity in gender and race.

Abrar Abdullateef

Screen Shot 1437-10-23 at 2

It’s wedding season, so naturally I chose to design a wedding greeting card. Also, I can be more creative and add in my personal taste with the bride’s dress, veil, jewelry and flower bouquet. I know I’m good with illustrations and I feel like my style is unique in the local market, so I wanted to better showcase my work using this competition.

Yasmeen Islam

Screen Shot 1437-10-23 at 2

Instagram: @jazzislam

The inspiration behind this illustration was my craving for cake. I tried to draw the deserts instead of eating them.

I ended up doing both.

Laila Alhatlani

Screen Shot 1437-10-23 at 2

Instagram: @laila_hhh @babyzoostudio

What inspired me was my work at Baby Zoo Studio where I’d been assisting with newborn photography. Dealing with new infants and seeing how they behave and react physically and emotionally gave me a wealth of ideas to work with.

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