5 Ways To Survive Saudi Arabia’s Blistering Sandstorms

Photo Credit: arabnews.com Photo Credit: arabnews.com

Jeddah has been covered in a suffocating sandstorm over the past few days, which has disrupted our daily lives. If you happen to find yourself outdoors when a blistering sandstorm strikes, just try to follow these simple tips.

1. Check for storm warnings

Especially before you plan to travel.


Photo Credit: Susie of Arabia

2. Search for shelter

Any sturdy structure will do, including a car.

Photo Credit: Susie of Arabia

Photo Credit: Susie of Arabia

3. Cover your head with a backpack or your arms

As objects can come hurling at you.

Photo Credit: english.sina.com

Photo Credit: english.sina.com

4. Cover your nose and mouth with the good old Arabian shimag

But wet it, so that it helps in filtering out most sand particles.

Photo Credit: english.sina.com

5. If you are driving remember to turn your headlights and fog lights on.

Ideally, you should stop driving, park your car and wait for the storm to die out.

Photo Credit: Susie of Arabia


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