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5 Ways to Make Diet Food Appealing

5 Ways to Make Diet Food Appealing

By AlBandary Khalid AlJohar 

I’ve been through the phase of dieting; and honestly, I know how hard it can be for foodies out there.

So, instead of suffering from dull-looking food, here are ways you can make your food look tempting and delicious:

1- If you are cooking steak or hamburger 

You can marinate your steak with low-fat sauce or spices if you like spicy food. Add a bit of color by adding some sautéed vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, etc. You can cut them in fun shapes, too. 


Or, if you’re craving a real burger, then try this healthy hack:

Buy your meat (rid of excess fat), then cook it yourself in an air fryer, oven, or pan fry it with olive oil. Olive oil is healthier compared to regular vegetable oils. (Cialis) You can add a low-fat sauce so that it isn’t dry.


Where to buy Burger meat/steak:

Tamimi &Danube

2- Make vegetables look tempting

You can decorate using vegetables either by cutting them in shapes or use them to create a shape. One of the main dishes on a diet is a salad, and it can be delicious if you changed the way you had it. Make it fun, colorful and add more of the vegetable that you like. So you can eat it as a daily dish without being bored. You can make chips in the air-fryer using kale, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Nutritious vegetables at the lowest cost:

Owais Market

3- If you craving chocolate, but you can’t eat it:

Now everything is possible because there are some chocolates that are specially meant for diet. Check out the ingredients of the chocolate before you purchase them. Stick to 75% or more percent darker chocolate. This way you can enjoy your chocolate without any regrets.


If you are a milk-chocoholic:

You can find a lot of brands which have diet chocolates, and that don’t compromise on the good taste.

If you like dark chocolate:

No added sugarPatchiAani & Dani
Available at: Tamimi, Lulu, Danube

Location: Patchi, Riyadh

Tel: +966-11-2931030


4- If your craving for Snow Cone: 


There are a lot of ways to satisfy your tummy when it’s craving for a snow cone. You can create your own from whatever ingredients you want to have when your belly yells for it. Stick to frozen fruits or fresh fruit puree for a healthier alternative.

5- If you love to have some dip with your chips5web-2017-albandary

So you’re craving chips but you can’t find one for diet or don’t like the taste of store-brought chips, don’t worry. You can create your own chips and dip at home. Homemade fresh salsa, guacamole, mint yogurt, and hummus. You can decorate a bland and colorless dip with mint, paprika, pepper, or slice of lemon to make it more appealing.

You can buy them from:

Tamimi, Danube or any nearby supermarket


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