5 Things You Are Entitled To Under The Saudi Labor Law

By Maryam Hashmi

Many enter the Saudi job market having little information pertaining to the rights that they have. So, here are 5 things that you are entitled to under the Saudi Labor law.

  • 1. Under Saudi Labour law (Article 156) employer shall not terminate the workwoman while she is on pregnancy and delivery leave.
  • 2. As per Article 113, a male employee is eligible for a paid leave of three days in case of childbirth. Besides, they are eligible for a paid leave of five days for marriage or in the case of the death of a spouse or one of his ascendants and descendants. These provisions are subject to conditions, if employer required documentary proof. The employee who got the paid leaves mentioned above, need to produce supporting documents at the request of his employer.
  • 3. If the work relation ends due to the worker’s resignation, he shall, in this case, be entitled to one third of the award after a service of not less than two consecutive years and not more than five years, to two thirds if his service is in excess of five successive years but less than ten years and to the full award if his service amounts to ten or more years. Article 85
  • 4. An employer who employs fifty female workers and more shall provide them with a suitable place with adequate number of babysitters to look after the children under the age of six years, if the number of children reaches ten and more. Article 159
  • 5. A female worker whose husband passes away shall be entitled to a fully paid leave for a minimum period of fifteen days as of the date of death. Article 160

*The article was updated on Nov 23rd, 2015. 

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