5 Things To Do In Riyadh During Summer

Photo Credit: blog.jiji.ng Photo Credit: blog.jiji.ng

By Duha Al Hussein

The worst part about summer vacation is thinking how great it’ll be to lay around and do nothing till you realize that it’s excruciatingly BORING. You needn’t worry, friend, this list will surely bring back the summer excitement!

1. Have An Adventure

Tons of activities can be done in Riyadh, you just have to know where to look, but don’t worry, you won’t be procrastinating, I did the looking for you. Learn how to fly with Light-Sport Aircraft Training in an aviation school, or if you prefer to stay on ground but have the need for speed you can go karting in Reem International Circuit. If you want to stay away from the element of danger, you can enjoy golfing at the Intercontinental!

Photo Credit: panoramio.com

Photo Credit: panoramio.com

2. Do A Project

Projects don’t have to be boring and instructed, pick up a camera and walk around with it, sign up for cooking classes, learn a new language, or even start an old coin collection!

Photo Credit: nutritionsmart.com

Photo Credit: nutritionsmart.com

3. Explore The City

Riyadh is filled with cultural and historical places, just by going to downtown Riyadh you can find many of these places; Thumairi is a place that sells antiques with the gold market and Souq AlZal, that is dressed up in beautiful Iranian carpets, neighboring it. If you’re looking for something for the kids AlSuwailim is the place to go, it’s a whole street lined up with toy stores that will surely get any kid (even adults) starry eyed. For something that fits the whole family you can visit AlBujairi, it’s a renovated part of Diriyah where old meets new.

Photo Credit: jpgmag.com

Photo Credit: jpgmag.com

4. Do Something You’re Afraid Of

“Do something that scares you every day”, that is one of life’s secret recipe. If you don’t have anything ringing in the back of your head, you can do what this guy did! He did something that scared him every day for 365 days and documented it in a blog.

5. Go On A Roadtrip

Most people in Riyadh don’t get out of its boundaries, there is so much more to Saudi than its capital city. Visit AlAhsa and AlQassim, the cities of palm trees where there is over 11 million of them, or you can go camping next to AlWahba Crater which is the largest volcano crater in the Middle East AND Asia, and for a more luxurious choice, Farasan Island has a azur waters where you can sail, fish, dive, and lay on the beach.

Photo Credit: gulfhawk.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: gulfhawk.blogspot.com

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