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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

6 Things To Do During The Spring Break In Riyadh

6 Things To Do During The Spring Break In Riyadh

With the spring break now upon us, you probably thought about all the ways you’re going to have fun and make it productive

But let’s accept this…


To-do lists have been ditched and all you have ended up doing is


That’s where we come in. *Drum rolls* Not sure how to preoccupy yourself this spring break?

We compiled a list of places to go around Riyadh, so you’ll never have a dull moment during your break! Here are 6 ways to squeeze the most fun out of your V A C A T I O N, (you’re welcome):

1. Go Bowling


Bowling is a family game which is kid-friendly as well and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Strike Bowling Alley, The Ritz Carlton Riyadh

2. Visit the King Salman Park


The Phase-1 of the King Salman Park was inaugurated on Thursday. The park is on the Banban street, the northwest side of King Khaled International Airport. It already looks beautiful — can’t wait for the project to be completed

3. Visit the Bookfair


Riyadh International Book Fair was launched on the 9th of March with around 500 local and international publishers and countries. This 10-day book fair is held at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center and will continue for 4 more days. Entitled as one of the great cultural events in the Kingdom, this fair is expected to attract more than two million visitors.

The fair has a collection of books on all subjects in different languages (mostly in Arabic).

4. Fly High


It’s the ultimate thrill, and should be a part of everyone’s spring break.

Sky High

5. Hiking/Biking around the DQ trail


It’s time to put on your walking/hiking shoes and hit the trail. It’s sure to be an adventure.

Discover the Hidden Walk Trail at the Diplomatic Quarter

6. Treat Yourself and Your Family


Grab your wallet and the rest of the family and head of to the amazing restaurants and food joints in Riyadh.

Here is a suggestion:

Riyadh’s Favorite Thai Hole in the Wall: Villa Restaurant


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