5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Potato Chips

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An apple is food. An orange is food. Chicken is food. Potato chips on the other hand… Not food. Why, though?

One serving of potato chips amounts to 12 pieces. Sugar in the form of starch and salt makes up a bag of chips, which is actually designed to make you crave more than one serving.


1- Salt 

Each bag of chips contains a whopping amount of salt. Even if you choose plain potato chips, which people statistically seldom do, they already contain 170 to 185 milligrams of sodium per ounce. A high intake of sodium causes an increase in blood pressure that can lead to stroke, coronary heart and kidney disease.

2- Vegetable Oil 

Even a small bag of chips contains high amounts of saturated and trans-fat, both raise cholesterol levels.

3- Artificial Flavors

These flavors are used to make products taste better. They are created in a lab and the formulations are trade secrets.

4- Artificial Colors 

This may detrimentally affect our health, especially that of our children’s.

5- Harmful Chemicals

E282 also known as calcium propionate is often used in baked foods, but many manufacturers also use it in potato chips. A study conducted in 2002 established the direct link between E282 and irritability, restlessness, inattention and sleep disturbance (mainly in children). There has been speculation of other side effects: migraines, headaches and stomach ulcers to name a few.

At the end of the day a bag of chips will not kill you, but will harm your health on the long run. So keep the chips you eat to a minimum.

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