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5 Applications That Will Make Your Ramadan More Rewarding

5 Applications That Will Make Your Ramadan More Rewarding

Ramadan is more or less the most important month in the Muslim community, during which we should try to be fully productive.

It is time to pray, to fast and to purge the soul from sin and other things that can corrupt it. That being said, we’ve got some applications to help you achieve that and stay on the right track.

optimized-ayat1. Ayat

It is an electronic application that helps you recite some scanned verses and also listen to Qur’an by many famous reciters. You are free to repeat those verses as much as you desire. Not only that, but different languages are also available along with translated Qur’an meanings for native speakers. It is considered one of the best applications for Qur’an recitations.

optimized-ramadan-recipe2. Ramadan recipes

Awesome, ladies! It is there for you to cope with the awful times you spend trying to figure out what you’ll prepare for Iftra or Suhoor. It teaches you how to cook and gives a number of suggestions you can choose from. From now on, you don’t need to worry about what you’ll cook; just give it a try to make your Ramadan more interesting.

optimized-iftar-sahoor3. Ramadan times

Don’t be overwhelmed with waiting or checking your watch every single moment, as hunger is really painful sometimes. Ramadan times can be installed on your phone, helping you catch up with the time remaining for you to break your fast.

optimized-sun-and-moon4. Sun n moon

No matter how far you are or where you’re at, this application is there for you to display times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset. So, if you’re living outside the country, it is a great option for you to catch up with your prayer and fasting’s times.

optimized-qibla5. AlQibla

If you’re travelling or studying abroad, you may need a locator of qibla. So, this application exists to lead you to the direction you should be facing.


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