4 Apps That Will Help Make Your Hajj A Lot Easier

The hajj season is underway and pilgrims from all corners of the globe are making their way to the Holy Cities of Makkah. For many of them it’s the first time that they are partaking in the annual ritual.

The regular stories amongst pilgrims of not being able to find their way back to their tent or their struggles to communicate with other pilgrims due to language barriers have long been heard. In turn, many apps have been created to help the foreign pilgrims coming to Saudi Arabia with problems they may encounter.


Platforms: iOS and Android
Many a times in the process of circumambulating the Kaa’ba, you tend to forget how many rounds you have completed. Well, this is where the problem is solved. Just click on the start button and let the app do the counting of rounds for you while you can focus solely on worship.


Al Maqsad

Platforms: iOS and Android
The Grand Mosque in Makkah is so huge that it needs a dedicated app to help visitors navigate it and its surrounding key locations. Al Maqsad app is a must-have for all first time pilgrims. From bus stations to nearby restaurants, you are in safe hands.

al maqsad


Platforms: iOS and Android
The app is quite popular and has ranked in the top 10 in 59 countries under the travel segment on the App Store. The app comes full circle with features such as a hajj map, hajj related tips, a friend tracking system and an interactive Quran reader – it’s got you covered.


Smart Hajj

Platforms: iOS and Android
Developed by the Umm Al Qura University, the app provides an authentic detailed step-by-step guide for performing hajj. The app also offers instant translation to overcome language barriers. One of the most interesting features of the app is that it has an option wherein you can automatically update your loved ones each and every time you reach your desired destination be it Mina, Muzdalifah or Arafat etc.


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