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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

25 things to do in Riyadh This Summer

25 things to do in Riyadh This Summer

By Ghada Al-Omran

Looking for things to do in the summer? We’ve got you covered with a list—25 to be exact—of things to do this season in Riyadh, from rediscovering Thummamah to heading down to the relaxing resorts and spa or even splashing around at a summertime pool party.

Read on to dispel your couch potato habits and make the most of the season with these things to do in the summer.

Outdoor Activities

1. Visit Saudi-Owned Restaurants

Photo Credits: @bialahksa
Photo Credits: @bialahksa

Saudis, Represent! We have some amazing restaurants in Riyadh that you wouldn’t believe were local! Check them out

2. Resorts

Photo Credits: NofaResorts
Photo Credits: NofaResorts

Visit the resorts to obtain a relaxing atmosphere.

Situated within the emerging elite-neighborhood of Durrat in Riyadh, AlFaisaliah Resort & Spa is the most distinctive resort in Saudi Arabia.
Instagram: durrat_alriyadh_resort

Instagram: NOFA_RESORT

3. Thummamah

4B Thumama

The Desert is in our roots and we can not get enough of it. While you are driving through, you see some shacks that sells kites and football as well as an ice cream truck to cool you off. There would be Quad-bikes for you to try, horses, and golf carts to roam around. Also, try camping out in the desert and unplug from the world.

4.Visit Bujairi in Diriyiah

5. Aviation


Diving in Saudi…

7. Discover Lakes and Valleys

There are many lakes in Riyadh and summer is the right time to check them out. Some are hidden and some you can easily find.

  • Lake Kharrarah is an example for a lake it is almost an hour away from the center of Riyadh.

GPS COORDINATES: 24° 24′ 20.63″ N 46° 14′ 43.45″ E

  • Wadi Hanifa, is a valley in the Najd region. It extends up to 120 km northwest to southwest)

GPS COORDINATES: 24°38'39;37" N 46°37' 39;53" E

8. Visit Exhibitions

9. Visit different entertainment hangouts

  • Skyzone, located in Hukair entertainment and sport, exit 14, Oman bin Abdulaziz street, Arabwah district.trampoline world for the fitness and fun!

Instagram: SkyzoneKsa

  • Breakout, located on the intersection of Imam and King Abdulaziz street, AlMasif district, the first floor of Talal Center 2. Riyadh’s own Escape the Room Game.

Instagram: BreakoutKSA
Number and for reservation though the link: +966-567667007 and

  • o100 perfumery, located in Akaria Plaza. O100° hosts a spectrum of the world's most exclusive and luxurious fragrances. It’s like you’ve gone all over the world.

Instagram: O100Perfumery
Tel: +966-11-2931119

10. Visit Parks in the City

Jog, read, and play in parks.

  • King Abdullah National Park
  • Your district neighborhood Park

11. Reem International Circuit

The Reem International Circuit is a motorsport venue and race club. With available carting challenges. Forget drifting in the streets for a safer surrounding for yourself and others.

Instagram: reem_circuit
Tel: +966-534595711

12. Road Trips

When all things come to an end but still read for more adventures either planned or spontaneous, take a road trip!

  • Riyadh to Bahrain It takes 4 hours and 47 minutes to arrive to Bahrain.
  • Riyadh to Farsaan islands Ever believed Saudi Arabia has clear water? Yes, we do and we should be thankful for it. Going to Farsan islands takes approximately 12 hours by car. From Riyadh to Jizan by car takes 10 hours. If you are up for the challenge do so and stopping by for different cities! But if not then take a plane to Jizan then a ferry to the islands.

Indoor Activities

13. Have a Theme Night


Games, entertainment, and food right at your Doorstep...

Gatherings in Riyadh is incredible, it can be as simple as discussions (such as the new issue of Destination Magazine or board games are extravagant in hospitality with various activities).

14. Summer Courses

Summer Courses...

15. Read books

  • Visit Bookcciono and take your book while you are at it for a relaxing atmosphere filled with books and a dash of coffee

Instagram: Bookccino

  • Create your own book club among family and friends
  • Choose a book, depending on how long the book is; schedule a meeting and stick to it.

16. Learn something new

You have to have some kind of motivation and determinations and what better time to do so than the Summer?

  • Language
  • Cooking and recipes
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Instrument
  • Arabic Calligraphy
  • Garden
  • Sew
  • Sport
  • Paint

17. Backyard Fun


  • If you have a spacious backyard, then get out your rollerblades, and skateboard and if you wish, ask your siblings and friends to join you.
  • Jump on a treadmill and run. Do some laps around your house.
  • If you have a pool then jump right in! Do some BBQ, smoothies, and enjoy a splash. (If it is too hot then night time will be good for it.)
  • If you don’t have a spacious back yard, treadmill, or a pool, then try out different ventures.

18. Challenge yourself

Get out of your element. And do something you usually lack or simply are too sluggish to do.

  • Ride a bike for 3km
  • Read 10 books in 2 weeks
  • Set a goal for yourself for a week and do it
  • Write 1500 words essay or story
  • Memorize atleast 5 surahs of the Quran.

19. Visit historic sites and museums


  • Almasmak Fort, located in the center of Riyadh next to AlMuikaliyah market.
  • Taiba Market, located in go through the old market for reasonable price by bargain your way through items.
  • Riyadh National musuem, located in King Abdul Aziz, Historical Center

19. Visit Art Galleries

  • Naila Art Gallery, located in Al Takhassosi st, Bld 247, #2.

Instagram: GalleryNaila
Tel: +966-11-8805352

21. Volunteer

22. Movie and TV show marathon


90s and 00s Movies and shows to watch and feel nostalgic:


  • Harry Potter 1-7
  • Shrek 1-4
  • Princess diaries 1-2


  • Boy Meets World 1-7
  • Even Stevens 1-3
  • Lizzie McGuire 1-2

Get some popcorn, hot dogs, and pizza for your day in.

23. Create a movie

Create your own memorable Summer film.

24. Visit relatives

Especially the elder and talk to them lightly and greet them with love.

25. Connect spiritually


Go to the masjid to perform the five daily prayers. On Fridays, reflect on your weekly spiritual performance, read the Quran, discuss the Friday khutbah that the Imam gave at the Masjid.

  • Check out Ba9ma Banat products for their initiative through Sunnah of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Instagram: Ba9mtBanat

“The most important lesson that yoga teaches a student is you become a more focused person in your daily life – you will see results in a week’s time”


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