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24 Amazing Iftar Deals In Riyadh

24 Amazing Iftar Deals In Riyadh
By Sumaiyya Naseem & Jou Pabalate

When it’s time for Ramadan, restaurants and hotels celebrate by introducing offers and special deals.

Well, Riyadh’s inhabitants are in for a treat! Check out some of the best Iftar offers available this year:

1. The Ritza Carlton

Iftar in Ramadan Tent:

Enjoy a variety of cuisine; traditional Saudi Arabian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Indian, Asian and other global cuisines. A special festive ambience is provided by the live cooking stations.

Iftar: 350 S.R. for adults, 175 S.R. for children between ages 6-11 years.

Iftar and Suhoor in Al Orjouan:

Iftar: 350 S.R. for adults, 175 S.R. for children between ages 6-11 years.
Suhoor: 325 S.R. for adults, 160 S.R. for children between ages 6-11 years.

Corporate Iftars can be arranged, and a special play area for children is also available.


For individual reservations, please call +966 11 802 8333 or email
For group bookings, please contact the dedicated catering team at +966 11802 8020 or

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2. The Festive Fawanees at Al Faisaliyah Rosewood Hotel

Every year, the Prince Sultan Ground Hall is used as the accommodation for the festive Fawanees Ramadan tent! Enjoy at this celebratory atmosphere with your family and friends.

Iftar: 350 S.R. per adult, 178 S.R. for children of ages 7-12. Children 6 and below get free entry.

Tel: +966 11 2732000
Location: King Fahad Road.

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3. Crowne Plaza Minhal

The restaurant in Crowne Plaza has great offers for those looking for them!

Iftar Buffet: 215 S.R. per adult, 50% off for ages 6-12 and no charge for children under the age of 6.
Timing: Sunset – Late evening.

Tel: +966 11 8749200

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4.Four Seasons Hotel

The hotel offers two arrangements for the International cuisine Iftar dinner; one in the Ballroom, the other in the Elements Restaurant. The Ballroom’s special feature is the Ramadan tent and kids activities. The following details are same for both arrangements:

Cost: 375 S.R. for adults, 150 S.R. for kids of ages 5-12, no charge for kids under 5.
Timings: Sunset – 21:00

Tel: +966 11 2115000
Location: Kingdom Center

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5. Intercontinental Riyadh

The Iftar Buffet at Intercontinental Riyadh is great for you if you’re looking to try different cuisines. Apart from the traditional Arabic and Intercontinental cuisines, the Ramadan buffet includes various stations that offer you a taste of a different variety of cuisines.

Cost: 295 S.R. for adults, 50% discount for kids of ages 6-12, free for kids under 5.

Tel: +966 11 4655000
Location: Al Maather Street

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6. Golden Tulip Hotel

The speciality of Golden Tulip’s Iftar buffet is their menu that changes on a daily basis. The items on the menu come from a variety of cuisines; Saudi Arabian, Egyptian, Lebanese, and others.

Cost: 110 S.R. for adults, free for kids under 6 years.
Coubon deal (51% off):

Tel: +966 11 4611000
Location: Olaya Road

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7. Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu’s Ramadan tent is a special treat in Ramadan for festivity lovers. The iftar buffet includes a variety of Arabic as well as international dishes, and live cooking stations for Shawarma, mixed grill, and ice cream are available. This special tent also offers activities for kids which include face painting, clowns and fun games.

The cost for the first week is 145 S.R. Second week onwards, the cost is 165 S.R.

Booking in advance is required in order to avoid last minute problems.

Tel: +966 11 4791234
Location: Al Mubarakiah Plaza, King Abdul Aziz Street

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8. Riyadh Palace Hotel

Riyadh Palace Hotel’s restaurant combines traditional and international cuisines for the Iftar spread. The cost for each adult is 170 S.R with 50% discount for children of ages 6-12 and free entry for those under 6 years of age.

Iftar time: 18:30 – 20:30

Tel: +966 11 4054444
Location: Ministries Area

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9. Sheraton Riyadh Hotel & Towers

Sheraton Riyadh hotel has a great festive ambience at its Pool Garden iftar buffet. The buffet is a mix of Arabian and international cuisines which are displayed on live stations. Activities for children include a station for face painting, games and popcorn. The cost of the buffet on the first 5 days of Ramadan is 210 S.R., and during the rest of Ramadan it is 240 S.R. There entry for children under 4, and 50% discount for ages 4-8.

Tel: +966 11 4543300
Location: Olaya Junction of King Fahad & King Abdullah Road

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10. Outback Steakhouse

Enjoy a variety of menu favourites along with traditional snacks like samosas at Outback Steakhouse. The cost per adult is 75 S.R.

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11. Pizza Fusion

Pizza Fusion is known for its delicious mushroom soup, salads and mouth-watering pizza. Their Ramadan offer is 69 S.R. for two people. The meal for two includes two soups, salads, margherita pizzas and soft drinks. All items have offer different choices.

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12. Garden Barbecue

If you’re a lover of Indian food, you should try out this offer that sounds delicious and does not cost much at all! The offer includes traditional Arabian snacks and Indian food.

Cost: 55 S.R. per adult
Time: sunset – 21:00

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13. Anatoha Turkish Grill

The Iftar menu at this Turkish restaurant includes soup, salad, dessert and other main course favourites. The cost is 110 S.R. per adult and 69 S.R. for children. The Iftar meal ends in time for the Isha prayer. The suhoor meal is for 65 S.R. per person and ends at fajr.

Tel: +966 11 4649336
Location: Granada Mall

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14. Petal Hotel

An amazing sohour offer is up for grabs on The oriental and international dishes at Petal Hotel’s Suhour meal are complemented by the luxurious dining experience offered there. The restaurant is great for friends and family groups. The buffet costs 110 S.R, but a deal on coubon will save you S.R. 55.


Tel: 0545552483
Location: Olaya Street

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15. Applebee’s

Enjoy favourites at Applebee’s along with appetizers, soups, and dessert! The cost for each adult is approximately 60 S.R.

Tel: 011 812 5978
Location: Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road

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16. Pizza Hut

Iftar buffet

Cost: Adults 59 SR, Kids 6-15 years 15 SR
Phone: 920000910

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17. Best Western Orchid Hotel

Enjoy a wide variety of international delicacies and high quality food at Best Western Orchid’s festive buffet.

Cost: 120 S.R. for adults and no charge for children under the age of 5. is offering an amazing discount for this buffet, at only 59 S.R!


Tel: 0112161152
Location: Olaya District, Olaya Main Street

Booking in advance is required.

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18. Orchid Al Mansour

Enjoy a delicious international and continental Iftar at this Hotel.

Cost: 130 S.R. per adult person.

Get a great 51% discount deal at for this Iftar buffet.


Tel: 0112920534
Location: King Abdulaziz Street, Dubbat

Booking in advance is required.

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19. Dellmon Shrouq Hotel

The Iftar buffet at this hotel presents international and oriental dishes. The atmosphere is perfect for singles, families, and children.

Cost: 160 S.R. per adult, discount for ages 6-12, and no cost for kids under the age of 6.
Time: sunset – 20:00 is offering a great deal for this Iftar buffet, at 79 S.R. per adult and 40 S.R. for kids aged 6-12!

Tel: 0501719924, 011/4800222
Location: Al Orouba Road, East of King Khalid Ophthalmology Hospital

Prior booking is required.

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20. Plaza Inn Hotel

Enjoy a 7 course international and continental Iftar buffet at this newly opened hotel. The ambiance is excellent for families and children.

Cost: 160 S.R. per adult and S.R. 80 for children of ages 6-12. No charge for children under 6.

Cobone deals are available; 79 S.R. for adults and 40 S.R. for kids of ages 6-12.

Tel: 112190066 – 0560000834
Location: Olaya Street, opposite Computer Market

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21. Millenia Hotel Olaya

Celebrate Ramadan and enjoy a wide variety of international delicacies. The environment is great for families!

Cost: 120 S.R. per adult.

Cabone deal is available until July 8th; 59 S.R. per adult!

Tel: 0112161152
Location: Olaya District, Olaya Main Street

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22. Ramada Hotel

They offer an open buffet for Iftar at 180 SR per adult and 40 SR per child (up to 12 years of age).

Tel: 0114121000, Ext.144


23. Indian Summer

They offer an Iftar buffet at 55 SR per person.

For home delivery: Sulaimania 014612231 – Hamra 012498130 – Exit5 014539023 –Exit25 012670606 – Exit15 012415747

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24. Al Romansiah

The exquisite Iftat buffet is for 79 SR per adult person and 39 SR for kids from 5-12 years of age and is free of charge for kids younger than that.

Tel: 920000144

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