Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Six Ways to Increase Your Rizq

Six Ways to Increase Your Rizq

Since a visit to the beach is out of reach, head out to these pools to get your summer cool.

Manahil Women’s Center
A lot of those who grew up in Riyadh learned how to swim at Manahil’s pool. While the center is known for its swimming classes, you can actually go in for dip at SR 50 per day. There’s also the option of taking water classes if doing laps on your own is not your thing.

For: Women and children
Location: Diplomatic Quarters
Type: Indoor lap pool



Diplomatic Quarter Sports Complex

Type: Wave pool

For: Families

Location: Diplomatic Quarters


It’s great for all-year round recreational activities for the family. It’s almost like a resort and you can get access for as long as you get the membership. They have a tennis court as well as a field so it’s perfect for families who like being active.



Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski – Resense Spa

Type: Outdoor

For: Men and Women (Separate pools)

Location: Burj Rafal, King Fahad Rd.


A good choice if you want to bask in the sun and get a tan. We recommend taking this for a quick weekend retreat to make the most of it, since the price starts at SR 299 for a day spa visit. It includes the use of the wet area facilities.



Malaz Swimming Pool

Type: Outdoor

For: Children (swimming lessons – Sat/Mon/Wed), Men (Fri/Sat – mornings), Women and girls above 10 years old (Fri/Sat – afternoons)

Facebook: Malaz-Swimming-Pool

Location: Malaz


Open during the summer season, Malaz Swimming Pool basically offers swimming lessons for children at SR 400. On weekends, they open the pool for men and women through separate morning and afternoon sessions at a rate of SR 50 per person.



Al Yamamah Resort

Type: Water park and wave pools for children, private pools in chalets for families

For: Families

Location: Thumama District


Admittedly, there’s not a lot of water parks in the city and so, while Al Yamamah offers the bare basics, it’s an interesting option for families wanting to have a weekend barbecue/gathering and don’t have their own istrahas (villas). Women won’t get to swim in the park itself but there are chalets you can rent out that are fitted with small pools.


For the record, we do recognize that Splash Island also exists on Exit 9 at the East Ring Road. It has the slides and water play areas for children but we don’t approve of the cleanliness of the place, hence do not recommend it.




Type: Indoor

For: Babies and Children

Instagram: aquatots_ksa

Location: King Fahad Rd.


An international franchise, Aquatots is a swimming school for children that has just opened in Riyadh this month. They’re noteworthy since they’re the first school to teach babies as young as 6-months (a first, it seems from what we’ve heard in the city).



DR Disclaimer/Tip:

We didn’t include the places that are usually exclusive for members or are selective of guests. And for bachelors, you’ve got it so much easier so please help yourself and Google “gyms or hotels with swimming pools.” Unless otherwise stated, it’s usually for guys only.



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