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19 Amazing Iftar Deals In Jeddah

19 Amazing Iftar Deals In Jeddah
By Sumaiyya Naseem

Ramadan is here! Restaurants around the city have prepared some amazing Iftar and Suhoor deals for the fasting Jeddahwia food lovers.

Treat yourself and your family to some; you know you deserve it!

1. Bay La Sun, Hotel and Marina

Enjoy the Ramadan bliss at this vibrant restaurant with your loved ones. Head over to The Veranda at Bay La Sun to relax with drinks and shisha after Iftar.

Cost: 119 S.R. per person, with a 50% discount for children below 12 years.
Bonus: 25% discount on room rates for guests booking the Iftar buffet
Timing: Sunset

Tel: 012 510 6400
Location: Juman St, King Abdullah Economic City

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2. Amara Café & Restaurant

The menu feature exquisitely prepares traditional and western infused dishes with freshly made bread, mezze, and salads. The seating location is vibrant and great for an Iftar celebration with family, friends or corporate groups.

Timing: Sunset
Cost: 225 S.R. per person

Tel: 055 535 4139
Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd, Ash Shati

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3. Habsburg Restaurant or Noodles Restaurant at Rosewood Jeddah

Rejoice in the luxurious Hijazi atmosphere at Habsburg! ‘Throughout the Holy Month, Rosewood Jeddah evokes warmth and serenity through hospitable service. Savour an array of traditional Saudi dishes and Ramadan’s favorites in a lavish Hijazi inspired setting.

Daily Iftar:
300 S.R per person
Noodles: 285 S.R. per person

Daily Suhoor:
280 S.R. per person

Tel: 1 2 260 7111 (Habsburg)
Noodle Reservations: 12 260 7111 Ext 8930
Location: Corniche Road

Advance booking is required for 10 persons or more.

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4. Yonine

Enjoy the Lebanese Cuisine at Yonine for Iftar with your loved ones! The 5 course meal includes hot and cold appetizers, soup, main courses, delicious desserts and drinks!

Cost: 220 S.R. per person
Timing: Sunset

Tel: 012 613 2444
Location: Malik Road – Bougainvillea Building

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5. Al Shurafa

The restaurant offers a variety of foods at the Iftar buffet. From kebabs to rice and pasta, you will definitely not want to miss this blend of traditional and western food!

Cost: 198 S.R. per person

Tel: 012 6602743
Location: Al Hamra

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6. Labeeb Restaurant

This Lebanese casual dining restaurant offers a wide variety on the table for Iftar. Make sure you gather your friends and family for this feast! Iftar includes an assortment of appetizers, salads, juices, main courses and desserts. Note: Don’t forget to make a reservation.

Cost: 115 S.R per person

Tel: 012 2612301
Location: Off Tahlia, Next to Danube

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7. Crown Plaza Restaurants

Crowne Plaza has several restaurants with their own offers!

Al Zahra Restaurant
320 S.R. per person
Iftar Timing: Sunset
Suhoor timing: 00:00 – Fajr

Crowne Grill
300 S.R. per person
Suhoor: 220 S.R. per person

Liyali Restaurant

Iftar: 285 S.R. per person, sunset- 9:00 pm
Suhoor: 220 S.R. per person, 00:00 – Fajr

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8. Intercontinental Restaurants

The Fish Market, and Spears:

Both restaurants have different kind of menus.

Iftar: (Small groups) 240 S.R. per person, (Big groups) 295 S.R. per person

Tel: 012 2295555
Location: Al Hamra Corniche

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9. Movenpick

Enjoy a variety of dishes at this iftar spread!

Iftar: 225 S.R. per person, Timing: Sunset
Suhoor: 150 S.R. per person, Timing: 00:00 pm – Fajr

Tel: 012 667 6655
Location: Madinah Road

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10. Belajio Restaurant

The hotel is organising the largest Iftar tent for Ramadan! Enjoy a variety of local and international dishes, with live cooking stations and a huge number of items for appetizers and other courses. Shisha is served with and after Iftar.

Iftar: 215 S.R. per person (VIP: 250 S.R. per person)
Timings: Sunset – 2:00 am, Daily

Tel: 02 622 2784
Location: Ash Shati

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11. Al Bilad Hotel

The restaurant at Al Bilad offers different varieties of food in their Iftar dishes. There are special discounts for groups.

Iftar: 220 S.R. per person
Timings: Sunset- Isha Prayer

Tel: 02 694 4777
Location: Al-Corniche Highwa

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12. Marriott Hotel

The hotel offers a grand selection of traditional and oriental buffets that feature juices, dates, hot and cold mezzad, soups, oriental salads, main courses and mouth-watering sweets and desserts. Favourites include freshly prepared mixed grills, shawrma, atayef, kounafa, and mint tea to conclude the Iftar.

Cost: 185 S.R. per person.
Timings: Sunset – 20:30

Advance booking is required, and special prices are available for groups of 50 and above.

Tel: 12 6714000
Location: Palestine Road Corner PR Fahad Street

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13. Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is offering both International and traditional food at their Ramadan Iftar and Suhoor tables.

Iftar: 140 S.R. per person, Timing: 18:30 – 20:30
Suhoor: 100 S.R. per person, Timing: 01:00 – 04:00

Tel: 012 6314000
Location: King Khaled Street

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14. Byblos

Celebrate the Iftar festivities at Byblos if you’re looking to try the authentic Lebanese cuisine. Byblos will take you to the heart of Lebanon with each bite of its specials. The restaurant delivers on excellence through food preparation and selection, presentation, and service.

Iftar: 265 S.R. per person
Takeaway: 95 S.R. per person
Timing: Sunset- 22:00

Tel. For Reservation: 012 6695894
Location: Hamra Corniche

Advance booking is required for 10 persons or more.

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15. Applebees

Iftar is served with unlimited soups, appetizers, salads and desserts! A variety of main courses is available.

Cost: 95 S.R. per person
Timings: Sunset- 22:00

Book required for large groups of 10 or more.amad

Reservations: 012 6610012 (Andalus), 012 6946180 (Prince Sultan St)

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16. Brasa De Brazil

Two buffets are offered at Braza De Brazil this Ramadan!

Buffet 1: Cost: 160 S.R. per person
Buffet 2: Cost: 190 S.R. per person

50% discount for children of 5-10 years of age

Timing: Sunset – Sunrise
Location: Al Andalus road, near Tihama bookstore

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17. Al Nakheel

Iftar close to the sea! Special offers are available for groups, including coupon booklets.

Cost: 175 S.R. per person

It is free for children below 6, and there’s a 50% discount for children upto 12 years of age.

Tel: 12 6066644
Location: Corniche Road

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18. Piatto

Piatto is a must try for pizza and pasta lovers, especially during Ramadan! This Italian restaurant offers a variety of meals for your Iftar meal. All meals have salad, soup and rosemary bread in common.

Pizza/Pasta: 79 S.R.
Chicken meal: 89 S.R.
Steak and seafood: 109 S.R.
Timing: Sunset – 21:00

Tel: 012-692-2501/ 0504606450
Location: Etwal Mall, Al Malik Rd/ Le Chateau Mall, Tahlia Street

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19. Steak House

This American restaurant is known for its delicious steaks and grilled meals. They offer a few varieties for Iftar meals. All meals include soup, salad and appetizers.

Sandwiches: 79 S.R.
Chicken: 89 S.R.
Steaks: 109 S.R.
Timing: Sunset

Tel: 012 6829955
Address: Malek Road

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Other restaurants and cafes which offer special Ramadan deals include Mugg & Bean, Pizza Hut and La Sani! Know about an awesome deal?! Share in the comments below!

Happy Ramadan everyone!


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