Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

18 Tips To Travel Right In Saudi Arabia

18 Tips To Travel Right In Saudi Arabia

Traveling is food for the soul and mind. And in Saudi Arabia we love to travel!
When summer settles on our cities we pack our bags and hop on a plane. If you’re visiting your relatives in other Saudi cities or just traveling within Saudi for the sake of exploring the country, here are some pointers to help you travel the right way!

1.       100% Charged.

Make sure your phone is as charged as it can get! It’s never a good idea to walk out the house with 30% battery, especially if you’re on your way to the airport.

2.       Secure your home.

Before you step out of the house with your suitcases, make sure you have locked every window and the entrances. Make sure there is no leakage of gas.

3.       Save electricity.

Switch off all unnecessary lights and electronics before leaving. It’s advisable to keep at least an entrance light open to fake that you’re at home. It will ward off any intruders or kids who are feeling mischievous.You can leave your refrigerator on as well.

4.       Pack right.

Don’t throw all your clothes in the suitcase. Fold them or roll them to make space.

5.       Carry a backpack.

It’s not just for tourists! Backpacks really make the whole journey peaceful because you’ll have all your things in one place. It’s even better if your backpack has a section for your laptop. I once traveled with a separate laptop bag from Jeddah to Riyadh, and even then I was always worried I’d leave it somewhere.

6.       No high heels, please!

Women, please don’t wear high heels to the airport. Not only is it uncomfortable (high heels are never comfortable for anyone, so don’t give us that excuse!), it can be really risky considering you’ll have to climb a set of huge stairs to get into the plane.

7.       Sweatpants and all that jazz.

Wear comfortable sweatpants under your abaya. Wearing super tight jeans may get in the way of relaxation on the plane, so reconsider that one.

8.       Be respectful on the plane.

Women don’t like sitting next to male strangers on the plane. So if you’re a guy and your seat is next to a woman please volunteer to move before she’s forced to ask.

9.       Pack healthy snacks!

Carry some dry fruits or healthy bars with you because everyone gets hungry on the plane. Also carry a bottle of water because it’s not nice to keep asking the lovely Air Hostess for water all the time.

10.   Web Check-In

Do a web check-in to save time, but remember that it closes an hour before the scheduled departure time.

11.   Be nice to the air hostess.

If something goes wrong or the flight has been delayed it’s NOT right to take it out on the air hostess or air steward who is serving you. Ask them for pillows or blankets but don’t forget that it is not right to treat them like they’re your servants.

12.   Read a book.

You can buy a book at the airport or bring one with you. Plus most major airports in the country have free wifi, so you can review them before making the purchase.

13.   Update your music.

It’s not a guarantee that there will be enough light to read on the plane. A good pair of earphones and some upbeat or relaxing music will do!

14.   Avoid hand baggage.

Coming back to the backpacks discussion, try not to carry too many handbags other than your backpack. It’s always best to fly light.

15.   A portable charger.

Trust me, even if it’s traveling within KSA a portable charger will save your life! In fact, it’s best to have these even when you’re not traveling!

16.   Hydrate.

Before you leave and while you’re on vacation it’s absolutely important to keep drinking lots of water. Especially if you’re in a hotter climate, your body will need a higher level of H20.

17.   Respect the city norms.

All cities are different in their own way. What’s okay in Jeddah may not be okay in Riyadh. So make sure you know the dos and donts! For one, some places aren’t so hospitable to bright colored abayas.

18.   Get your shot of caffeine.

Needless to say the moment you start waiting to board the flight, get a cup of coffee.


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