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16 Tricks Supermarkets Use To Make You Spend More

16 Tricks Supermarkets Use To Make You Spend More

Everyone knows the worst time to go grocery shopping is when you’re hungry. But how many of us understand the strategies supermarkets employ to make us buy more?!

Here are some tricks you should be aware of!

1. The Chocolate Counter
Whole shelves of chocolates at the counter aren’t placed there just for fun. Favorites like Snickers, Twix and the abundance of Galaxies are meant for your basket. You’ve done all the shopping, you’re tired, why not treat yourself to some candy?!

2. The Fresh Food Placement
Most supermarkets keep these at the back of the store. Everyone needs fruits and vegetables and so by the time you reach the back of the store there are already some goodies in your basket.

3. Hide and Dairy
Ever wonder why sometimes it’s especially difficult to find dairy products in a supermarket?! Especially if it’s your first visit?! Dairy products are daily need products, and so they’re placed at the back. The same goes for other essentials.

4. The Baked Goods Impulse
You’ll often find fresh baked goods and the entire bakery section towards the front of the store. The delicious smell is meant to entice you to them – when your cart is empty.

5. Long Aisles
The endless aisles are designed to make you take the longer route. You might pick up something on the way to the next one.

6. Shelf Placements
Expensive products are usually kept at your eye level. Health related products a little above that and products of the bulk variety are almost always found on the lower shelves.

7. Kid Tempters
Yummy treats and anything bright and colorful are placed at the lower levels where it’s easier for kids to grab them.

8. Live Stations
We all love a little snack these offer during our shopping. They also advertise products you were probably not planning to buy when you walked in the store. Think frying pans, salad spinners and delicious cheese varieties you didn’t know you wanted.

9. Special Offers
Some supermarkets come up with the best deals which are displayed on their flyers. By placing a few crazy awesome deals, supermarkets bring in more customers and more buying.

10. Food Pairing
Some supermarkets place two different kinds of foods that go well together. Condiments are often placed on shelves above frozen foods like nuggets, fries and burgers.

11. End Aisle Displays
These displays are often huge and eye-catching. They’re also made using expensive products like cartons of soda or Indomie.

12. Cheaper Bigger Packs
Often the bigger packs of a product are cheaper than the smaller ones. You spend more but are tricked into thinking you’re actually saving money.

13. Narrow Checkouts
And lack of shelf space around checkouts ensure you don’t ditch items before checkout.

14. Big Trolleys
Most supermarkets have really big trolleys which actually make you buy more.

15. Buy 2 Get 1 Free
These offers sound like a great deal but they usually make you spend more money.

16. Special Prize Draws
These are attractions to get you to buy more.

Supermarkets know how to market their goods! Know any tricks that we left out?! Share in the comments below!


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