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15 Household Items and When You Should Replace Them

15 Household Items and When You Should Replace Them
By Sumaiyya Naseem

Should you keep the toothbrush or get a new one?! Here’s a list of common items that you need to replace at the right time! Why, you ask? Because prolonged usage of certain things can cause health problems and form general hygienic risks!

1. Toothbrush

3 Months

Toothbrushes are best used only until the three month mark. After that, discard the poor thing; it will probably have uneven and worn out bristles.

2. Walking Shoes

6-8 Months

If you’re a frequent walker, especially if you generally wear walking shoes, then you’ll need to change them every six to eight months. Why? Frequent usage wears out the soles, and the structure and support loosens up.

3. Pillows

6 months – 1 Year

We know you love your favourite pillow, but it can’t stay in your life for too long. No, not even in the attic. According to a study, a third of a pillow’s weight after a period of one year consists of dead mites, their droppings, dust, dead skin cells and critters. Now, you really don’t want all that touching your skin. Why, you ask? Pimples, unhealthy skin and allergies. Not convinced? With continued use, pillows lose their shape and support.

4. Bedding

Wash every 1-2 weeks

We sleep on our beds every day, and not all of us take a shower before bed. The result? All the dust, grime and dead cells that have built up in our hair and body throughout the day get transferred on to the bedding/bedsheet. Wash it every one-two weeks, but remember that washing pillows and bedding doesn’t actually kill the bacteria and microbes. You have to get new ones, eventually.

5. Mattress

9-10 Years

Apart from the dirt, bacteria and dead skin build-up, your mattress will lose its structure over time, and the lack of proper support will strain your back. You know your mattress best, so be wise and change it when you know it no longer functions well. Pro-Tip: To slightly prolong the life of your mattress, flip it over!

6. Razor Blades (For Men and Women)

2-4 Weeks (It Varies)

This is sort of a tricky one because it really depends on how often and how you use your razor. If you use your razor every other day then you must definitely change it every 2-3 weeks. The warning signs include corroded edges and dullness of the blade; it can cause razor burns and cuts.

7. Vitamin Pills

3 years

No, vitamin pills don’t last forever. The ingredients break down and lose their potency and usefulness. If you’ve passed the expiration date, it’s more than likely that you’re not reaping the benefits by taking the pills every day.

8. Gym Towel

Wash after every use

Do we need to explain this one? Alright. Germs are everywhere in the gym; machines, cabinets, walls, clothes, benches, changing rooms….you get the picture. It’s a very dirty, pathogen filled picture. If you’ve used your towel to wash the sweat off your body, you can use it on your face if you are in immediate need of pimples. Basically, wash it the second you get home.

9. Contact Lens Case

3 Months

Get a new case every three months, unless you like eye infections. We really hope you don’t like eye infections. A substance called biofilm is deposited by bacteria and other microorganisms; it basically hides the bacteria and lets them stay even when you wash the lens and case. Tip: Wash your lens case with hot water after every use.

10. Shower Loofah

2-3 Weeks

Is this a surprise?! It was for some of our friends! If you use your loofah on a regular basis, then you definitely need to change it every two to three weeks. The dead cells and germs get logged in the loofah and can easily cause pimples all over the body with continued usage. Bonus: Drugstore brands of shower gels often have colourful loofahs with them! Treat yourself to a different shower gel every month.

11. Kitchen Sponges

3-8 weeks (It Varies)

This replacement also depends on your usage of the kitchen sponge. If it’s worn out, darkened with dirt and breaking apart, then you definitely need to change it. Pro-Tip: Prolong the life of your kitchen sponge by washing it with boiling water!

12. Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Alarms

10 Years

You might not know this, but smoke alarms become less sensitive to detecting smoke with the passage of time. You should change these items every ten years. The time could differ based on the manufacturers, so make sure to consult them!

13. Cutting Boards

It Varies

You know your cutting board best. It is up to you to decide when it’s worn out and beat up. Of course, you need to wash your board properly. If it is darkening due to the build-up of dirt and dust, then you need to wash it properly or get a new one.

Tip: Soak the cutting board in one part of full strength vinegar mixed in four parts water to purify the cutting board, or brighten with salt and remove odour with lemon.

14. Passwords

3 months

We know you love using your cat’s name as your password, but, unfortunately, you need to a get little more creative. You can choose to keep the password for forever, surely Fluffy will love it. But it’s bad for you when hackers get involved. Most companies keep a password changing policy to ensure your information is secure.

15. Spices

6 months

This one’s for the chefs! Spices lose their flavors and spiciness after 6 months, so you need to replace them when it’s time, and make sure to not buy too many at once – unless you’re cooking for tons of people.

Bonus: According to a study conducted in London, frequently used keyboards are dirtier than toilet seats! You need to go clean your keyboard right now…Unless you want infections and sickness.



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