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14 Tips To Ward Off Sleep At Work

14 Tips To Ward Off Sleep At Work

We all have a love-hate relationship with sleep. We love it but some nights we just don’t want to get into bed. The result? Being sleepy at work!  

Having a decent and successful requires that we don’t fall asleep at work. How else will we get work done?! Here are tips to help you keep the work going!

1. Walk it off.

Go for a walk! Taking a few minutes of break to move your body will help you more than you think. Your muscles will ‘wake up’ and your blood circulation will work faster which means the cells of your body will get more oxygen.



2. Speaking of oxygen…

Do deep breathing exercises when you feel drowsy. It’s best if you go out in the fresh air for a minute or two.


3. Soak in the sun.

Sunlight helps because it’s bright and it wakes up your muscles. If you can’t get proper sunlight (which is not the case because we’re in Saudi Arabia) make sure you have good lighting in your work area. If you don’t then you have the right to ask for it.


4. Strategic Napping.

If you get a lunch break at work use it for a few minutes of nap! Ask a trusted co-worker to wake you up after a 10-15 minutes or set an alarm on your phone. In sleepy situations, a nap will be your best friend.


5. Upbeat music.

Most professional environments don’t allow space for music. This is where your earphones will come in handy. Keep the volume loud enough that you’ll hear if someone is talking to you. Listen to a couple of songs, preferably something with fast beats.


6. A shot of caffeine.

Get a cup of hot coffee. If you’re not a regular coffee drinker it will have you refreshed within minutes.


7. Stretching exercises.

Hear me out! Nobody wants to workout in front of their colleagues which is why stretching is enough. Stretch your arms and stretch your legs under the table. If you have space around your desk get up and stretch your body too. Trust me you will inspire those around you to do the same.


8. Freshen up.

Wash your face with cold water and rub off the sleep from your eyes.


9. Don’t eat rice for lunch.

Rice is known to make one sleepy so avoid all the Ruz Bukhari you can.


10. Move it, Move it!

Move around every 30 – 60 minutes; maybe a few squats or walking up and down the stairs. Keep moving and naturally ward off sleep.


11. Snack regularly.

Keep dry fruits and dates at your desk. You can go for any healthy snack which has a good level of protein.


12. Pull down your earlobes.

This is not a joke, it’s a drill! Do it! It actually helps. What also helps is pressing the part below the back of your knees.


13. Work on something else.

Maybe the task you have at hand is not interesting enough. Switch to something else if you can afford to.


14.Relieve that stress.

Watch a funny video online or call up a friend and have a little chat. Distracting yourself for a few minutes will really help. Don’t overdo it because you’re not getting paid to have fun!


These tips will help you fight sleep when it threatens to take away your productivity. Have some tips for us?!


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