Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

14 Insane Struggles You’ll Face Without An AC in Saudi

14 Insane Struggles You’ll Face Without An AC in Saudi

By Summaiya Naseem
It’s true that Saudi Arabia is one of the most comfortable and luxurious countries to live in. We have all the luxuries one can think of and we are not pedestrians, we drive around!

And sometimes we forget how blessed we are. Without the air conditioner, our lives would be unbearable. Ever thought about that?!

Here are reasons why AC is the best:

1. You live in a certified oven.

The thin walls of some homes can’t keep the heat out. The humidity and heat of the indoors makes things unbearable.

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2. You’d rather take a shower than nap in bed.

Who skips napping?! WHO?! People like us. People whose ACs malfunction in the Saudi summer.

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3. Ice cream becomes a priority item on the grocery list.

And you give the death stare to anyone who dares to suggest eating your stock!

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4. You decide to stay at the mall all day.

Because that’s where the AC miraculously works all the time.

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5. You find it hard to sit through your favorite TV show.

Breaking Bad’s desert setting is making you sweat harder and now you need your own underground lab with a functioning AC.



6. Your friends think you’re possessed.

That’s the only way to explain your foul mood and angry stares at the walls.

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7. You consider getting a portable fan.

But immediately ditch the idea because it’s too hot to step outside ever again.

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8. You try to daydream and take a nap but…

You wake up in a pool of your own sweat.

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9. You decide to drink a can of chilled Pepsi, but first…

It becomes your cooling pad. You press it to your cheeks, neck, forehead – anywhere it helps.

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10. You suddenly find yourself standing with the freezer door open.

You need the chilly breeze hitting your face.



11. The thought of eating spicy food, or any hot food, makes you want to cry.

Ice cream is all you can think about.



12. You suddenly realize you sweat in all sorts of places.

Your pants are wet and it’s not what it looks like.

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13. You cringe when your friends want to come over.

Because how can you explain that your AC is not working?! This stuff is not supposed to happen to you or to anyone.

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14. You spend the rest of the day crying because your cat left you.

For someone with an AC. You have no AC, no cat, your life is miserable.

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You see why AC is awesome?! Quickly send thankful prayers that we enjoy such a blessing!


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